I started digging my grave at age 15
And my work won't be done until I hit China
I'm digging ditches from here to Barcelona and uh
My spirits high it'll take a bunker buster to lift me
I'm taking long shots, I got a long aim
My wife's related to Muhammed got a long name
We in the southwest cooking in the ranch
That's where they tried to hang me, but I broke the branch

This ain't no simple posture homey, the ground it shifting
You can plug in or tune out, to me it don't make a difference
Of course I say that, it falls on deaf ears like my life lessons
In conversation I'm like a Wahabbist, the room is Christian
The rumors are circling, vultures are killing in the sky
There's halos to burst, the world's a thirst and I ain't ready to die
Ready to bust this pen in the eye of the last dollar bill in my pocket
And all I wanted was money in my pocket
You can't fade death, can't ignore the facts
I'm not the last, but a lot of good men have died on this path
So this is for those who follow trends and fall on their swords
I'm make my last stand here, and for the next 60 years or more

I used to rap fast, but them words was wasted
Almost ruled the world, it was so close I could taste it
It's a world of images, gotta fake it to make
Rap myself in mummy rags cuz they'll take if they see you naked
I'll never light myself on fire to prove what can't be proved
A madman can't smoke a joint to sooth what can't be soothed
I got no enemies ever since I stopped wheeling and dealing
Fuck friends who shoot you in the back and ask you how you feeling
I'm here to save you calories, here's the rock, there's the glass ceiling
Cover your head, stained glass cuts and nothing beats the feeling
Them screws is falling, out the head of Mr. Holland
Oh you've been quiet lately, I didn't see you drowning
Thanks for the rope, I'll need a million meters more
I see a handful of torches, meet me at the core
You know it's a cold war every time you feel the fog
You know it's a sinking ship, there's no one left at all
Holla at your boy if you scholar, not a toy
They won't kill me cuz I know too much, it's murder by ignore

And they all wanna change me, but I know I can't
They say I flow like blood in the middle east
I think my songs is like them boys in the coal mine
Toxic black dust in my lung poison my mind
I used to think I was a Communist, a silly dream
It was a lonely place, now everything I do is for me
And I don't like how it sound, but thats the way it go
Ask Cormac McCarthy... its a long road

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