"Consider Me Alive" as written by and Jorge Abner Drexler....
I can see your perfect world
Trying to keep it alive
I don't know if I've been there before
But of that place I've dreamt for sure

I can see you
And your white window
Your hands heading to

I can't let go
I can't let go

And I want to be that for sure
You'll never see me falling down
And I can't live in the moment
I can feel it

I gave my life away
So yours will be the best one
I know why I've been there before
'Cause I'm not alone anymore

I can't let go
I can't let go

And I want to be that for sure
You'll never see me falling down
And I can't live in the moment
I can feel it

Consider me alive [x5]

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"Consider Me Alive" as written by Jorge Abner Drexler Prada Jorge Abner Drexler

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Consider Me Alive song meanings
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    General CommentIn my opinion, the song is more about the girl trying to fix her life or trying to make it 'perfect' and he can see it- "I Can See Your Perfect World/Trying to keep it alive"
    And the "White Wedding Gown" is kinda obvious... I think it's like... he's with her but she needs to go. She can't stay and he doesn't want her to leave thinking that he can't survive without her- "You'll never see me falling down" and he can't just forget about her because he still wants to be with her "I can't let go"
    "And I can't live in this moment,/ I can feel it." It's like yeah, they're together but he feels it won't last and that he shouldn't get too used to it.
    "I gave my life away,/ So yours will be the best one." Basically meaning that he'd die for her. He'd do anything to keep her happy.
    "I know why I've been there before,/ 'Cause I'm not alone anymore." He's been in her life before and he now knows why. I think maybe it's because she's with him but not physically. She's had to leave for some reason but she's still like... mentally with him... If that makes sense?
    "And I want to be there for sure,/ You'll never see me falling down." Again, he wants to be with her but he can't so he'll show her that he'll be okay.
    "And I can't live in this moment,/ I can feel it." That she won't be with him forever so like I said... he just shouldn't get used to it.
    And last "Consider me alive" I think it means that he's not actually alive since she's not with him but he wants her not to worry and to just think he's fine... and that he'll be okay.
    This could be completely wrong but I don't know. This is what I thinks it means so yeah.
    I love this song [: and I actually made this account just for this song [':
    Zaraaaon January 15, 2011   Link
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    General CommentOMG I am the first to comment! =D
    Hoh this song should have comments, well, ok I don't know what the song is about really... ! But It's a BEAUTIFUL AND DARK song, gives me chills ooo I <3 it.
    I'd be thankful if anyone cared to share what the meaning of the songs is? My heads not working today ;)
    JustxKillxMeon June 14, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthis website is songmeanings =] so i would like to know its meaning please xD

    im guessing the first verse is about
    him watching the one he loves..
    watching her in her perfect world.
    and that he dreams that he can be in it.
    or atleast be her lover.

    2nd part is hard.. hmm
    her hands heading to.. meaning shes set herself on a different direction.
    and hes telling her that hel try to keep safe..
    but he may not be able to help it but do self harm since shes gone.

    "i cant let go.."
    obviously saying that he cant give her up,
    hes not going to let her go.

    3rd verse um.
    he saying that hes ready to become hers.
    that he wont let her down.
    with the moment part hes saying that he
    doesnt want to wait to long, cause its to hard.

    4th one..
    he gets the girl.. hes gna spend his life with her.. or atleast he wants to.
    and hes going to try make her life the best.
    hes not alone anymore. and hes finaly where he wants to be.

    "consider me alive"..
    thats the meaning right there. he finaly doesnt feel
    as if hes a ghost anymore, that he is no longer unnoticable.
    hes alive.. and is visible.

    ... and so on.
    this is just a guess so someone correct me =]
    i love to hear about what song lyrics are about.
    meanings of a song mean most to me. and im currently inlove with this one.
    and the song itself =] its just amazing tbh.
    gahfalconon September 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI feel like this song is more of an "outside looking in" perspective. Maybe a secret affair or someone she used to love. The first couple lines..

    I can see your perfect world,
    Trying to keep it alive.
    I don't know if I've been there before,
    But of that place I've dreamt for sure.

    It's as if he can see everything that has been happening with her. She's made this world where she can survive and she's trying to save it because it's falling apart. However, he doesn't really know if he has ever been a part of this world where she has found solace, if he's ever really been a good part of her life, but he really hopes that he has been a good person and helped her....He hopes that she included him so they can stay close. He loves her....

    I can see you
    in your white wedding gown.
    Your hands heading too.
    I'll keep safe,
    will pull me safe.

    He can see her getting married, for better or worse, but he's saying that he's not gonna be hurt by her. He's going to protect himself, but he has faith her hands will keep him safe, like they always have.

    I can't let go,
    I can't let go.

    And I want to be there for sure,
    You'll never see me falling down.
    And I can't live in this moment,
    I can feel it.

    He wants to see her happy and married even though it kills him inside. He knows it's ripping him apart, but he knows that he wants to see her happy more.

    I gave my life away,
    So yours will be the best one.
    I know why I've been there before,
    'Cause I'm not alone anymore.

    He let her take over, loved her so much that he gave her his all. He just wanted to make her happy. In this moment, he realizes that he has been in her perfect world before. He was once what she wanted, and that memory helps him never feel alone.

    Just what I think.
    APoetCalledLoveon August 09, 2012   Link

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