My name is private Hannah,
I'm just a poor kid from Savannah,
I've been a scrapper ever since I was a boy.

I joined the army when I could
to protect my neighbourhood
from those who hate the freedoms I enjoy.

And when we got the call,
when Baghdad had to fall;
I pledged my true allegiance right out loud.

I kissed my only son
I said: "Boy, now you're the one.
Don't cry. Just make your papa proud."

Now it's me can't keep the tears from coming down
When I see Old Glory flying
from the church in my hometown

"Welcome back to the USA"
when the plane touched down
I heard the captain say
I see the proof of what I did
in every mother, every kid
living to be free another day

Welcome back to the USA
Just in time to watch
New Orleans wash away.
On a 14 inch black and white,
under dim florescent light,
in a cold and moldy room in the V.A.
Welcome back to the USA

My name is Corporal Black
and I finally made it back
to a country that forever shall be free.

They sent us after Saddam
and by the grace of God, we got him.
But not before a roadside bomb got me.

I was watching from above
when my lifetime's only love
told the twins what happened to their dad

I couldn't hold them as they cried
asked the spirit by my side
"If this is Heaven, how come it hurts so bad"

But I'm proud I got to sacrifice my life
to make this country safer
for my children and my wife.

Welcome back to the USA
Thanks for fighting for
the right and American way
Sometimes it takes a bigger man,
to do what he don't understand,
hope the truth will come to him someday.

Welcome back to the USA
Lower the coffin, fire the cannon, walk away.
But a thousand troops, a thousand flags
From Pendleton, Lejeune and Bragg
Are here to greet a new one every day
Where silently we'll say:
"Welcome back to the USA"

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