I work hard when I'm around,
otherwise my feet don't touch the ground
long enough to feel something real:
running from what's good, running from cops,
running from what would happen if I stopped,
running from pain, running on full drive,
running to feel alive, we all wanna look like Iggy when we're fifty.
Run and wander while i'm running on backwards,
telling you why I called you,
"whats your email address again?"
my friends are faithful knowing some day I'll come back around.
Gotta cover as much ground as I can swallow,
these hollow roads and fifteen hour drives and overnight flights.
Long nights and short memories, December again,
forget Christmas, I just wanna see my friends and family,
but they're spaced out between twenty different states and countries.
gotta stay hungry and foolish like Brock's chest,
gotta stay single, gotta stay stressed.
As they say the rest history but I'm still running for that mystery;
machines may connect and conquer,
but ideas can leak and spread like a virus.
Shaking hands and sharing food
-this network is amazing-
leaving little bits and pieces of me on your couch and in your thoughts.
we float on patched wings with no safety nets
only a series of dangling ropes,
we live on credit and hope,
If you grab on hang on and move. . .
Running from anchors and bankers,
running from the real world, running from girls,
running from pain, but running to make a name,
running down the gun.
I ain't in this to witness, I'm in this to finish
too many sinners in the winner's pool,
beginners bite before they chew and swallow.
running from my youth, running away from truth,
only stopping to record, only stopping to snore and rest my eyes.
my mind keeps running even if I do sleep.
Can't stop these feet, can't stop this heart,
gotta reach out to the art and music,
try to touch you when I slide by.
Running with pride, running with scissors, running with the pack,
running from people telling me how and when to act.
running with my head down,
running myself into the ground.
nail these feet to floor if you wanna see more of me.
I've got my eye on the exit and my way in the door.
I try to make the most out of these moments:
let's drink to inspiration and then get drunk to forget we're lonely.
I've been watching you since the day I started working here
I'll be gone before you decide that you like me.
I try to make the most out of these moments.
Don't know how long these legs will hold out for.
Give me a scar so I'll remember you,
and things will never be the same again.
I try to make the most out of these moments,
i'll be gone before you decide you want more.
reach out and there's no telling what will happen.
I try to make the most out of these moments.
what am I running from? what am I running for?
what am I running from? what am I running for?
Nail these feet to the floor.
I've got my eye on the exit.
let's drink to inspiration ...
I'm drunk on movement,
drunk on movement,
drunk on movement,
drunk on movement... gone.

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