I'm hardly moved by it all, I'm not impressed one bit
You gonna go broke, man, too much money for yo' shit
Losing respect while you gaining a check
Got some chains & a Lex
while yo' Pappy still remain in the 'jects
You don't wanna get on doing some shit that you'll regret
Cause you can bang out or take it all away
to pay back that debt
Times tre' in less than a day but it's okay to be broke
With a pocket full of change and a head full of hope
Working hard to get what little you got & happy to have it
Even when you lose it you should feel blessed
to have even had it
To hell to what kind of car you got
We all drive in the same traffic
You c'stop telling me 'bout yo' fancy purchase & bad habits
And try to make the next generation's lives...
a little less tragic
bring back the magic & the sparkle to the kids' eyes
Life's bigger than diamonds, it crush your record label,
medallions, platinum records and your watch face size
The shit's nice to have, true indeed
Just realize what's most important
Be humble with what you're sporting
Cause most people can't afford it
Waving food in front of a hungry man'll get yo' ass got
Just like dimes wantin' food & can't pay rent
will get yo' ass shot
Now it's okay to get that meal ticket
Just don't sell out yourself, your family, or your people
to get it
Niggaz will do just about anything to ball
I'm just not moved by it all...

Cause long chains & big rings really ain't my thing
And you will never hear me use the term "bling-bling"
Not hatin' on ya man, it just ain't a song I sing
Cause under all that shiny shit there ain't much to be seen
Fancy cars, 20-inch rims, high-priced clothes
I'd rather ride with my woman in a box-Chevy
with 30's & Voges
It's good being comfortable & live to ball
Plus less people call
I'm just not moved by it all...

Well One day I'm a be looted up, pockets bulging
Holding down the knob,
electric button in the dash, folding down the top
Not around the cops, won't be slowing up to see them pass
When them fools stop
Smoking high quality crop, eyes bloodshot in a Luxury drop
instead of on the bus stop
Though we must not take for granted the blessing
we've been handed, Take advantage
so we can resume our right to place us on this planet
Ever since I was young I have always been reprimanded
For talking shit along with talking loud
But now, I use my shit talking for rockin' crowds
And it's gonna make me rich, but I'm a never forget
'Cause even as a millionaire
I'm still gon' be ditchin' cabs for fun in the evenings
And on the weekends I'm a go to the club rocking $50 in clothes & a diamond earring the size of Cleveland
And I'll be cheesin'
'cause everybody is believin' that it's fake
I won't be strapped to leave the club late
I can breathe easy cause these niggaz won't hate
As long as they don't think it's real
It's the same way behind the wheel
And I ain't trying to be harassed by the cops
Or rushed by fools who keep in touch with jail
So the outside of my whip is gon' be plain as fuck
While the inside of my shit's gonna be plush as hell
I'm trying to stay lo-key
Windows tinted black; could be alone or I could be 4-deep
Make you think twice before you approach me
Ain't no telling what I keep under a clothes; me
Drive past slow, everybody's lookin' closely
But I ain't on the same shit that you on
I'm just trying to get home & watch videos of silly hoes
jock these fools that claim that they ball
I love the music
I'm just not moved by they call
I'm just not moved by it all....

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