"Bellyfulla" as written by and Brent Knopf....
if I were a castle dismantled brick by brick with your bare hands
or maybe Rapunzel, I let my hair down, you plucked every strand
i tie a knot just to have it unwound
if you need me I'll be at lost and found
i made a wish then you shot out the lights
but I escaped as you read miranda rights

the silence is something I fill just like a bellyfulla pills
though I might be making it up, if I am wrong don't wake me up
the current smooths eggs out of stones and when you heat them they explode
if I could just listen to her, a seashell pressed against my ear

well there's a sea in the shell at the end
and I can hear down the spiral my friends
more happiness than a body can hold
so it emits light and eats up the holes
this is where I'll go

Lyrics submitted by halftruth, edited by KiradFP

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    Lyric CorrectionA beautiful song on an outstanding album.. A few things I noticed:
    "...you PLUCK silvery strands..."
    "Currents moves inks"
    I realize changing "move" to "moves" creates subject-verb disagreement, but that's what I hear him say... Actually now that I listen to it again and taking the aforementioned issue into account, I think he may say:
    "Current smooths inks," referring to the way erosion by water sometimes smooths down rocks and creates streaky, inky patterns in them.
    tgbrowon January 08, 2011   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionOh, and one more! I know I'm really anal about these lyrics, buuuut:

    "...THE seashell PRESSED against my ear"
    tgbrowon January 08, 2011   Link

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