While optimists dream
I lead my life with esteem
In and out of what's logic
Shit ain't quite what it seems
I pause;
Soakin' in applause and criticism
I crack a smile,
Bask in my flaws and cynicism
But, I'm still searchin' for them happy days
For a fresh start I'm cuttin' my hair but not my nappy ways
It's kinda hard fuckin' with so many faces
And tryin' to have my music touch
Oh so many bases
Places embracin' us when we not home
With open hands and clenched fists, trust
We rockin' on
Livin' this moment of truth, bein' as relevant
As divine time, this beat must be heaven sent
Locked in a room for days so I could write this
Solitude's best friend for now, though I might just
Stab 'em in the back, open up my door
Go and buy a TV so I can watch the war
Maybe not, I think I'd rather chill and smoke and just
Be with my thoughts and perhaps some hope
I'm on a
Quest for green, I'm tryin' to pay the rent
Still I'm tryin' to make a dollar out of what makes sense
I'm on a
Quest for green 'cause I gotta pay the rent
Still I'm tryin' to make a dollar out of what makes sense

Baby boomer, asian
Hormone ragin'
Kids they all adore
Red, yello, black, caucasian
Latin, asian
What're we fightin' for?
It's war outside
I'm tryin' to keep my head up to the sky
Before it falls off on my head
Then I can't go, that's why

(You sound like your country. Who comes first, you or your country? I don't have to think twice)

Even if I get the
Fortunate fame, I'm gonna pray in this game
1980 baby's crazy, I walk in the lane
Hopin' the future, is wide open
Still my toe, some are fragile, I'm agile
Aimin' at foes
A cowardly man, rollin' with an iron hand
And it got power swing strike, a godly plan
I tell you why, church and the Pope, they lie
If I control gas you know John Paul'd fry
He mixin' church with the state
Confusin' the masses
Sell that religion that's more than half-glasses
AIDS in Africa, the children are dyin'
Billion dollar budget, car garage, who's flyin'?
Oh shit, better yet, who's spyin'?
Can you see the peeping tom on earth when he eyin'
Pluto, Jupiter, in the age of Neptune
We hoppin' to the beat, street heat, give me leg room
I need to maneuver
Back to my roots
Speak over thoughts in mono, beats like a fruit loop
Over and over, this life that I sample
Pop goes the world mate, moves down Campbell
Life on a roll, I write as a mole
Hope to translate experience
This mic's up a hole
A new world order, same sex marriage
White man's plight or poors might perish

(Cise Star)
Honey roasted lies, no grams of carbohydrates
Looks with slanted eyes, surprise, a shitty mindstate
Control the nation with the AMBER alterts
The elderly are goin' berserk, the medicine hurts too much
Money exchanges the hand of pharmaceuticals
The rates going up, these fucks sittin' in cubicles
Emotional bombs are ready to launch
They rippin' apart the fabric that make who we are
It tears, much too easily, we fornicated whores
Fuck the diety, it's anal for us all
Watch the skies that we scrape with buildings
Stuff the ritalin down the throats of children, real
Check your order in this fast food nation
I got Iraq War, the game for Playstation
Check your order in this fast food nation
I got Iraq War, the game for Playstation

Through the night
With mics
We stand
Come, don't run
Your hu-man
Through fight
In' stand
Vote for it
And go

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