You ask and expect but I'm too shocked to answer
(How do I say this? Aim your questions at my heart)
I wait for interruption but am clouded by silence
(I'll trust you while you're in there, though I shake I'll try to keep still)
You set up an allusion, but it went over my head
(My tongue is not to be trusted, it has failed me more than once)
Fall asleep confused you know the friction keeps me up
(Words for you I kept, the friction keeps me up)

Time and temperatures they rise like mercury,
watch me stay cool.
Carry all their burdens with you let it go...
I've been there too.

So watch me go back cause you can't ignore the things you said.
You inspire me to show you all the things that you are.
We'll I can start anywhere, just ask and I'll begin to speak

But I get scared and I get choked and I have doubts that no one knows,
This isn't flesh that has me on these ropes and,
Sometimes it's me that makes it hard,
I hesitate, I fall apart, I'll trust you soul to other hands.

Watch the world burn down in your eyes,
Do you see what's happening?
Don't talk now and listen closely,
Radio's playing your song.
Fathom sparks of conversation,
(These) questions of opinions.
Find the piece and put it in,
the picture's almost complete.

Pride and tendencies they fall like mercury,
Watch me rise up.
Carry your whole world on your back let it go...
We'll make it through.

So watch this fall apart, I can't recall a thing I said.
I'll still call on you to show me all the things that I'm not.
You can start anywhere and here's where you'll begin to speak...

And it's still me here through the smoke,
Yes, your old friend, your frayed, thrown rope.
My ship to rescue you, with bow blown open,
and sinking fast, doubt asks for hands, tossed like the waves.
Seen through the glass...until we know like we are known.

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Teras (2009) song meanings
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