Welcome to misery punk!
We deep-rooted in this ya'na'wa'm sayin?
KCMO, KCK, ya'na'wa'm sayin?
That's how we do it,
Tech N9ne in this piece,
Strange Music represent! What!

Welcome to misery where the killers pop it off
And when I say pop it off I mean daily with the tongue and the gun
We can do it if anybody want it
Where the rapper niggas are clappin up another tell everyone
Misery loves company so we done with thee
Enemy where he be energy sendin me the route
I'm negativity trippin wit me you runnin for yo life
Cause you ran your mouth MOUTH

We can sang or we can bang
It ain't no game we untamed
Whether it's fame or we can aim
Release your brains it ain't no thang
Ya'na'wa'm sayin?
We livin in pain
And it's a shame that you came and got drained
Listen mayn stay in your lane

Finna witness the murderous monolog of a menace
coming from out of a sinister formidable place
I can let you know the ins and the outs
and I can spit it wicked twisted
And you can see by the look on my face
Give me the mic and I'ma mangle it tangle it
Definitely the people see that I got the hang of it
Pity you gotta try to make a mockery of a city, who
Buck 'em Buck 'em, buck at you baby we dangerous
Came to get strange wit it, bang wit it
Stop and get a little untamed wit it
Get the chopper like a fully, a bully wit a hoodie
Should have get up and take him out and spit, came wit it
Well the answer is right before your eyes
Who do you despise? Killers who chop you
We got to stop you, pop you partner you guessin
Get up outta the way when Tecca Nina be bussin
Gotta give it up I'm a veteran like Edison
I'ma light 'em up and get in your head again
I'm better than ever never let a feather in, death and be fetishin (?)
Sever and hit the mic and then we peddlin medicine, imma
Automatic kickin the ammunition
Killin the competition no it ain't nobody
Damaging everything and everybody
You know we on a mission, listen to me
How can I make you understand I'm a general
Even if you poppin the competition is minimal
Kan City killers and you can bet that we criminal
The demon inside of me keep on telling me when to go
So I'ma keep reppin the Midwest Choppers, freakin flows
And I'm about to be up on top of this and truly be bussin
Beggin for mercy you punk I ain't givin you NOTHIN!

Lyrically we be the best in the Midwest
And we came to fight
Talking about women I'm talking about paper
D-Loc and Dalima enter the centre it get colder than winter
The competition we fo' sho' to kill 'em
We spit like a fully and ready-made ????????????
With the buretta tucked right under my sweater
And we hide it in ????? the way my killas be keepin it pumpin
Partner you tight but my killers are better
We keep it choppin like a blender eatin boys up for dinner
Yell until we chop they hands off and throw 'em out the window
We too critical, we illi, and walking away looking so ???????
For the agency, we be the number one contenders

For the killa my life and my middle finger up to the cops
On the way to the studio to go and make another hot track
They be lovin the way that we spit it when we drop
Come with D-Loc to the point you do, definiton of a soldier
My opposition is my culture ?????
I spit like atomic and anybody came up whatever thought that
Me and my killa guerillas so they can split it, called us
Boys be tryin to battle cuz they want our position
But they ain't never gettin it because we badder and bigger
Hell like I told you we the number one competitors dealin
Working their way up to the top and they won't stop til they get the millions
In a whole 'nother century then D-Loc and Dalima chemistry you can never cross,
With them igganayzay they ebay us obey the iracle ?????? ?????? evil a fothermucker be slugged
You can try to read us, you can try to beat us
Try to get your speed up, but it ain't gon matter
Cause after we get finished bussin nigga be no laughter
We takin over the map with Tecca Nina the master


When I'm up in the song I get to representin the city of the K
Hot in ya brain cuz I'm a disaster
Dalima get ready cos there's several comin atcha
Leave 'em in a predicament cos I'm a style master
And I'm not impressionable now just so ya know
I make 'em sweat cos I'm best with the flow
Whenever you wanna flex we can go
Keep stressing your code
And I bet I make ya bed on the flo'
Midwest with the flow like
Cuz the energy is the bomb
I can tell that you fascinated by the way that we rhyme
And we blow like with the flow strike wit the fire
Cuz I'm sippin on Henny can buss 'em like a semi on enemies now
Irritated with the haters when we comin around
So I'm kickin like a ?????? ?????? style
???????? ?????????, I'm too sick for a cure so
Ain't no need for a doctor
My w-w-wordplay be makin yo nerves ache, cos I caught ya
Pants down when I popped ya now
Let's take a trip, you bout to get real deal
Strange is invisible with a metal to ill skill
Walkin ????? holla at the bras with real ?????
Get down for the cost and we floss on big wheels
Don't be actin like you get tough wit it
When you talkin come ???????? ????
???????? ??????? ?????????
Real killers gone be the one to leave ya,
Ya body smoking, but really you can't get off with it
Cause whenever I'm bussin it's like the full heart stopper
Dalima, Tecca Nina, Kaliko, and D-Loc
Rippin it up with the flow
Cos we Midwest Choppers


Hey Tech, watch this...

If you ready you better act right get right
Cause I'm the baddest nigga hookin up with the fastest badass
Did he hit you with the lyrical lyrical miracle whip
Incredible, I could knock the head off of several
Diggy diggy down won't ya piggy ?????
And look at the clown and houses flyin through ya town
Diggy diggy diggy
And if you look for the sound it can be found
With the nigga wearin the crown, are you really wit me?
And when you hear it nigga then zip it
These ????? make you want to reposition ya pivot
When we write it and spit it we makin somebody get it
And if they wont hear it and deal with it or get it, forget it
Oh I can keep babblin on
Or ratttlin off at the mouth while we travelin
And we thinkin that I'll be speakin about the things that I be doin
?????????? to pop my mouth this time
I bought the brew, and where were you and you?
And I can't stop with a drop of the Caribou
And if they see me pop ???????????
And I wont hesitate to chop you and chew you
While they doin you
And if you lookin for the better at the veterans who can buss you got the Cali gun for fun
And if you lookin for some bank but you knew when you attack I'm on the track I hope you're putting down the gun
That Dalima's a CHOPPER, D-Loc a CHOPPER, that Tecca Nina's a CHOPPER
Kaliko will knock your block off
You never see it comin hit ya when we gunnin you run and we walk off
Cos this for the bread that we wantin
And we comin headhuntin
We won't stop til we get to the top
You in the way then we Midwest Chop ya!

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