Another command to succumb
to sucking you off with a smile
A vanity culture like a congregation
Identity dogmatism
The image is always in style
Stroking the ego with media masturbation
Conditioning to canonize
Gospel of this vox populi

Force feeding
I'm burning the altar
and I'll pass right through

I want to be the anti you

A singular definition
of what it's supposed to be like
An arrogant principle of validation
You're pushing the masochism
we're never to question the hive

I'll be the nemesis of expectation
Refusing to regurgitate
Accuse and excommunicate
This narcissism is a system to intimidate
Perpetuating overcompensating your self hate

I've got nothing to prove

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    My OpinionVox Populi (or "Society" as I refer to it), no matter if you're religious or athiest, is always trying to keep us in line with their rules and morals. The majority of the people blindly follow these rules because they're too ignorant to think for themselves; to actaully have their own opinion. They're just mindless drones.
    The speaker is NOT one of these people.

    The whole meaning behind the song would probably take an entire speech to explain, so I'm just going to leave it at that.
    P3R3GR1N3on September 26, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis song is defiantly about his dislike of controlling and manipulating people, especially through organisations such as religions. "We're never to question the hive" is defiantly talking about conformity, and how we are effected by our peers.
    FreezerGhoston June 09, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationThis actually has nothing to do with religion.
    "Gospel of this vox populi"
    Gospel seen as Truth, Vox populi seen as society, so it'd be "The truth of society."

    "I'm burning the altar
    and I'll pass right through"
    Altar as in a shrine representing the world's basic beliefs of being the same.
    He's burning it, meaning he's rejected it.
    He's passing right through it, meaning he's untouched by that stereotypical mindset.
    "sucking you off with a smile", he doesn't take society's belief or the commands given by it's empty drones seriously.
    "Stroking the ego with media masturbation," even our media wants us to conform to that one track thought process.

    So in generalization, this song is about society's "sameness", and how its been going for years ("The image is always in style"). How arrogant it is, how selfish, but in all actuality, they hate themselves for what they can't have. Individuality.
    Light8mareon July 29, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationOriginally I just assumed the song is about organized religion, or hardcore Christians to be specific. The "you" in "Anti You" is Christ. He's going to be the Anti-Christ because to him it means going against people who do the various bad things he lists in the verses...
    But now I'm looking at it again and thinking that seems a little on-the-nose, I'm thinking he's using the Christian Majority metaphor for someone else, be it a group or specific person.
    NuclearSunon May 19, 2011   Link

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