Yeah that whack rappers was funny
Everybody downloaded that shit
Hey we might as well add a few more verses
You know, we forgot a couple of people

Do you think Janet Jackson had flashin' them tits?
No, she's a human and humans have accidents
Her only mistake was dancin' with Justin Timberlake
He looked at her breasts, oh yes
Took sides with the FCC and the press
Now they takin' censorship to another rim
What about Courtney Love and Little Kim?
Madonna kissing Brittany Spears While Christina Aguilera
Stand there and stare at it

Wait a minute
Look at the girls goin' wild
People makin' money off of someone's child
Oh really, O'Reilly? You should stop
Blamin' immorality on hip-hop
Hip-hop videos on tv
Is a musical reflection of reality
Change reality and you will see
A positive image on tv

Rap videos don't degrade women
Women degrade themselves in the swimming suit
'Cuz they think it's cute
To dance like a prostitute at the video shoot
I have some women in mind
Layin' in the bed with me, all different kind
Just for the camera, clappin' their behind
And mess up the line when she bump and grind

Do you really want immorality to stop?
Well stop immorality, not hip-hop
Shut down every single porno shop
Naked women in the movies got to stop
Oh really, O'Reilly? Want violence to stop?
Well stop the violence, not hip-hop
Stop makin' violent movies that encourage pain
I stop C-Murder, you stop John Wayne
Robert E. Lee, Jeff Davis and George Bush
Before nuclear buttons get pushed

Afro-Dice Clay
Instead of cigarettes I smoke joints all day
How about this?
Hip-hop Howard Stern
I'm so glad that it's my turn
To take off my flannel and dis Clear Channel
Radio stations, corporate player hations
I reach nations with no communications
Move back to Palmdale and take vacations
Helpin' little homies avoid incarcerations
I'm underground like the railroad
Put me on napture I'll still explode
Without bein' on the radio with Usher
Without going on tour with Bonecrusher

MTV, what do they know?
They gave a hip-hop award out to Sisco
If MTV don't acknowledge me, that's a compliment
I'm the president, governor, judge or even the mayor
The pastor of your CD player
Preachin' from the pool pit about Source Magazine
'Cuz it's the source of Bush
Dig in people's past, what do you see?
Just what we need, negativity
Source writers slash rappers print that crap
That's why they make magazines, 'cuz they can't rap

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