"Trinity" as written by Brian West, Aswan North, Nicolas Balachandran and Jordan Hardee....
Oh oh I
Ya got a way of living your way say I want that
I try to live my life for the people who need a comeback
There are too many problems to think that you can fix me
My name is called the world and I'm dying of unbelief see
I'm the kind of person who's strong and wants to react
So feel me when I fight for the cause of bringing hope back
Don't ask me where I'm going cause I could never prove that
But I do have something to say

I am reaching from the depths of my soul
Hear me pleading I'm a child I'm the poor I am needing
To the drum you better believe it
Trinity don't say goodbye
And you know that time after time we will survive
That's why I'm still alive
Oh oh I
Oh oh I
Oh oh I
Oh oh I
Oh oh I

Love and action take the widow with her loss
True commitment takes the orphans pain because
Bridges broken their souls pourin' out oh why
Our days are numbered by and still we walk this line


The words can't break your bones
So I release them in a song
Unbelief get out my head
You can't win cause I'm not dead
Prison stand aside cause it's time for us to rise
All my people under fire you can bet this time that I will survive

[Chorus: x2]

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"Trinity" as written by Aswan North Brian West

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Trinity song meanings
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    General Commenti found this song and it caught my eye because it has the same name as me and i started listening to it and i thought it was a love song. but thin i really listened to the worlds and realized that he must be talking about the holy Trinity. I took this song to my friend because she knows the bible better than I, and she told me that some of the lyrics are simular to verses in the bible. When he says Thats why im still alive, the reason we are alive is because of the Trinity. i dont think i need to explain the lyrics because nparris88 did a great job explaining it. another reason i think this is a song about the Trinity is because look where the world is going....no a good place so it makes me think he is say Trinity(father,son& the holy spirit) dont say goodbye(dont give up on us) because time after time we will survive(we will get through this), that why im still alive(youve gotten us through everything else)

    they did a great job on Word play tho b.c. you can take this in as a love song(like i did before) or you can take this in as a Christian song(like i do now)

    i love this song(:


    kuchickaon July 24, 2010   Link
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    My Opinionthis song has been on my local christian station this past week.
    i think this pretty much tells us what this song means.

    kuchickaon August 01, 2010   Link
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    General CommentLuv it!
    I think it's talking abt the Holy Trinity..
    u kno.. Father, Son & Holy Ghost..

    Don't ask me where I'm going, Cause I could never prove that
    But I do have something to say

    I am reaching from the Depths of my Soul,
    Hear me Pleading, I'm a Child im the poor
    I am Needed to Draw on your virtue

    Trinity, don't say good bye..

    They don't want to be given up on.. Bcuz they're trying to change..

    This is what i get.. not quite sure if that's right tho..
    KrysiTevon May 11, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOkay, since people are asking... this is my two cents. I was going to go through and fix the punctuation and stuff... but I'm lazy and I didn't... so here it is:

    You got a way of living, Your way's "Hey I Want That",
    I try to live my life for the people who need a Come Back!
    There's too many problems to think that you could fix me,
    My name is called The World & I'm dying of unbelief see

    ---This verse to me, is basically the point of the song. People are greedy and selfish and
    there's a LOT wrong with the world that will probably never be fixed, but there are some
    people out there who are trying their best.

    I'm the Kind of person who's strong & wants to react...
    So feel me when I fight for the cause of bringing Hope Back
    Don't ask me where I'm going, Cause I could never prove that
    But I do have something to say

    ---He still wants to try and make things better. My favorite line of the song is that third one...
    he can't give people the PROOF they so often demand that he's going to heaven (or that
    there is some higher power), but he still wants to help people find hope.

    I am reaching from the Depths of my Soul,
    Hear me Pleading, I'm a Child im the poor
    I am Needed to Draw on your virtue

    ---I think this is basically a plea on behalf of the downtrodden, asking you to be a good
    person, believe in your own goodness. I hear "Believe it" when I listen, which fits.

    Trinity, don't say good bye, hey you know that
    Time After, Time after we will surive,
    that's Why I'm Still Alive

    ---I do think this is a religious song, and this is simply saying that despite all the opposition in
    the past, true believers continue to hold on to their faith, and asking God not to give up on

    Love & Action takes the Widow with her Loss,
    and True Commitment take the Orphans Paying their Cost,
    We're just broken vessels pouring out our wine,
    Our days are numbered, but yet still we walk this line.

    ---I actually hear "damn the cost" here after the orphans bit, but I could be wrong. I'm unsure
    on the first two lines? A reference to the costs to war and hatred, perhaps. I think the next
    two lines refer to our being flawed, mortal creatures, but we still have faith.

    The Words Can't Break your Bones, so I release them in a Song,

    ---I think this is saying, people don't listen to religious preaching really (and with all the
    narrow minded bigots in the media today, who can blame anyone... I certainly don't
    appreciate these people twisting my religion to their own prejudice), nor the Words of the
    Bible, they're not hard hitting any more. People listen to songs, and take their meanings to
    heart (I mean, what site are you on right now?)

    Unbelief get out my Head, You can't win cause I'm not Dead.

    ---This admits that everyone has doubts, moments or even years of unbelief, but holding onto
    faith is important. That negativity shouldn't "win".

    Prison step aside, cause It's time for us to Rise
    All my people Under Fire, You can Bet this time that I will Survive.

    ---I think this is basically a call to action. Religious people of all faiths are under fire right now from each other, non believers, everything. A lot of it was brought on by themselves and I'm in no way saying that people aren't entitled to their own opinion, but still. I think it's less the particular FAITH, and more the GOODNESS and VIRTUE that faith is supposed to inspire that he's talking about. And again, there's good in the world yet, reason to believe despite all the crap going on.
    nparris88on May 13, 2010   Link
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    General CommentMy favorite lyrics usually have a bit of mystery to them leaving almost an open response. This song fits that type of writing.

    To me this song is expressing a few points. First of all, Salvation, who is life, and whom the Son's and daughter's live in this life, and what they feel as their in a world under fire (coming judgments). I believe the song is like a dialogue between four different voices; The tension between the Father and the world, and between the world and the Father. It's as though the holy spirit is conveying the Father's grief through the worlds perspective, with the world saying "trinity don't say goodbye" highlighting this tone and conveying the Fathers heart. The writer is saying that the World and the Father and his love where never meant to be separated even though the world is going to face judgment. It carries an apologetic apocalyptic message to the world, the Father saying to the world, "I have not forsaken, I have not rejected you my children" even though your dying with the world. "You know that time after time we will survive" speaking of hope in confrontation with coming fire(trial, judgments).

    Feel free to comment, this is my personal interpretation.
    catcheon August 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentHere is from a article:

    What's up with "Trinity?"

    It's definitely a different flavor from "Ride to California." I remember being in the studio in LA when that song evolved. It actually came out of this love song that Aswan had written, probably five years ago. He wrote it on an acoustic guitar. We were sitting around listening to him play. We heard the hooks in it and melodies. We just started to piece it together, and it turned into this really catchy song that tells a bunch of different stories. We've heard so many different interpretations of what it might mean when people call in. That's the beauty of it. People can hear it and associate it with whatever they're going through, whether it's a relationship, life or tough times. I think it's cool when you have a song that's relatable to so many different situations and people.

    dreazone91on August 15, 2010   Link
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    General Commentwhat is this song about...awesome song though.
    sarrrabearrraon January 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentSucha good song....Surprised no one has commented on this one yet!!
    cb06on December 18, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti love this song, but i really dont knjow what its aboutt!!!
    singmeyourlovesongon April 26, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI really like this song too, but i don't quite understand what it means.
    indigoskyon May 11, 2010   Link

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