you will never get out of this maze until you look at it from a birds eye view well then of course it disapears into a city with its closed circuits and S'd chest you left behind.

two, i wait for the dinner i haven't started cooking you have to cut the eggplant before you find it on a plate with loose goose and onions fried and staring you in the face, a bowl of cereal or a PB&J is much more tangible.

three, he breaks the blackened window again and dives into the unknown which ends up being his childhood back yard, grass, a leaning swingset and all where he lies, in the sandbox with a pool sky dyed in a little water color wash his eyes then he gets up, goes inside again until he forgets what the outside smells like.

then he stumbles upon a blackened window to break.

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You'll Know Where Your Plane Is 3 song meanings
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    General Comment The U.S Department of education was established on October 17, 1979 under the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Yet wasn’t operational until 1980. Shirley Hufstedler was the first director of the department of education. She was the first woman to be head of a department. As of 2009 the current director is Arne Duncan who has been active since Obama’s inauguration.
    The functions of this department are to establish education funding and policies and to monitor the use of funding. The department collects data and ignores research on America’s schools. They are the ones who identify problems in education and get the nation to be more aware of these issues. They make sure laws prohibiting discrimination are being executed.
    The idea of this department has been struck down by republicans since it has been brought up the first time in the 1870’s. When Carter established the department, it became a major priority for republicans to dismantle it altogether. When Reagan became president he promised to dismantle it but he never got around to it. Other than trying to avoid being dismantled the department has had many issues including the No Child Left Behind Act. This act was signed into law in 2001 under rule of George W Bush. Its purpose it to increase federal budget for schools by the billions. It then graded school performance by individual state rather than nation. The act made students take standardized tests every year to make sure they were learning what they needed to in order to pass. Since then scores in reading and math have increased dramatically.
    schismismnismon April 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentMusic is one of life’s blessings. Without music many people would contemplate suicide daily, wondering if that void will ever be filled. There wouldn’t be that extra spice in world cultures and there would be large gaps in history. Think about it: a world without music, pretty sad right? Well good thing we have those blessed record companies making CDs for us while at the same time feeding off of the money we spend to fulfill this vital need of music. Wait a minute, I thought the best things in life were supposed to be free. Other than love, what can be better than music? It changes people, it expresses mankind’s deepest emotions and it makes any confusion that lies at the tip or our tongues clear, and it shouldn’t cost a thing!
    Well my prayers have been answered. The new age has arrived and music is more widely available than ever. Blogs are flourishing with links that lead to other links which lead to other links until finally you have reached the x on the map: an album completely free. Nope, it doesn’t cost a thing! No catch, just click the “Click Here To Download” button and your favorite artist will arrive onto your hard drive one megabyte at a time. And other than the occasional “rickroll” form some prankster on the internet, the download will be clear and as crisp as a newly purchased CD. The obtainer is now happy, his or her life can be a little bit better with just the click of a mouse. Easy come easy go, right? Nope, not really, unless you get hacked by a computer super-genius whose sole desire it to steal your files. While the obtainer’s life is slightly better someone else is crying out in protest.
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    This is not an isolated incident. Everybody who has lived the past decade is aware of the Napster controversy. Napster was created by a young man and his uncle at an attempt to revolutionize music. Well it worked. That was until the almighty RIAA got on their case. The lawsuit was successful for the RIAA with the help of popular artists such as Britney Spears, Blink 182, u2 and most infamously Lars Ulrich, the drummer from the popular metal band Metallica, to testify. The end result was Napster charged a small fee per song, which in return CD prices skyrocketed. Author Steve Knopper, of the book Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Music Industry suggests that the record companies should have made a deal with Napster(since the creators were willing to) to merge the companies and have a cheap yet profitable method of music distribution. Instead, according to Knopper, the music industry dug its own grave.
    The collateral damage can be summed put into perspective through Washington D.C Rapper Wale.
    “Hmm, what’s the deal with this rap stuff?
    Since Napster the sales’ve been crashin’ and
    Since Napster the game’s been flooded by has-beens and never-will-be ringtone rappers
    Hmm, what’s the deal with these ringtones?
    N***** buy ringers can’t pay their bill though,
    Thus contributing to ongoing credit
    Issues they’re issues pathetic please listen to me
    Hmm, what’s the deal with these issues?
    Magazines who at times seem to misuse my time with their half-witted reviews
    And then bother as they read views and rear views
    Because he made his decision a month prior when it leak on the internet
    So now the net sales quivers, the record sales slips and the drop is now imminent…” —Wale. “The Opening Title Sequence” The Mixtape About Nothing.
    This is a sad, yet true statement for the fate of record companies. As technology advances and newer file sharing networks are springing up, the record companies don’t stand a chance. How could they possibly compete with unlimited free downloads of complete albums? Even the RIAA can’t keep up with every “filesharing.” Websites such as Mediafire, Megaupload and Rapidshare host downloads that any user may choose to upload. And links are flourishing. Some artists strongly support downloading, such as Alaskan Punk Rock band: Portugal the Man
    “I can't read all these bullshit blogs and posts from labels talking about how awful downloading is. They need to grow and evolve and understand the changes happening in music. Deal with it and expand. Work it out brothas and sistas. It's all about progress. Quit expanding budgets and spilling out advances blindly. Work with your bands and they will work with you and defend you. Don't whine. We can all find our place. Open up those minds of yours. Now.... we are in a much different position and it is much easier for us to support downloading. We don't do this for money. There are a million fucking jobs we could do that pay much much more. Much more. I have worked these jobs. Fuck it, we have a good time. In all honesty, it would be great to make money playing music but we are doing it regardless.”
    While free music downloading is greatly beneficial to the listener, it can have bad effects on the artist financially. Every artist nowadays knows that their record sales don’t reflect the number of fans they have, there are too many unaccounted for fans that download music. The price of concert tickets has risen dramatically in order for artists to accommodate for the loss in record sales.
    Good can come out of this new revolution of music accessibility. If an artist truly makes music only for the love of music, like Portugal the Man, and not the money, then they are true artists. The internet is a remarkable source for a true artist to get discovered (i.e. Soulja Boy).
    The new revolution in music is for the better. It is almost as if the cycle of music evolution is ticking backwards. But that’s a good thing. Unsigned artists aren’t afraid to be themselves in their work. They can post their recordings on the internet and SOMEONE will find it and somebody’s going to like it. Maybe there will be a better future in it for the artist.
    schismismnismon May 04, 2010   Link

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