Mukidashi no ari to arayuru amainou
Do not obey
True mentality
Fist of grief

Tarnished with saliva
Mimizawari na toiki
Do not obey
Stand Here With Me

Psycho In Fear
Psycho In Doom
Psycho In Hate
Dirge For Freedom
Psycho In Fear
Psycho In Doom
Psycho In Hate
Gimme Gimme Gimme

Bakuon, obutsu to kashita kami to nare subete
Kougoushikumo azayakana boukun kuruimae
Honnou, ■■makase ni mihirakasu ryougan
Mawari wo miro, nani wo motometeiru ka wakaru hazu sa
Uzu wo maku gouwan chi to tarenagasu
Hakai ga nasumama bakuhatsu doukase yo

In Distortion

Decaying even to ruthlessness


Clinging on to vision


Killing...a smiling you

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Zan -remake- song meanings
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    General CommentEven if you don't like this version, you can't deny that this is what -ZAN- is supposed to be. I think that the old -ZAN-, while good in its own ways, can't be taken seriously as a heavy song. Sure it had all the components of a metal song, but deep down it was just a VK band trying to be hardcore. Now, that is not to say the old -ZAN- is a bad song, but I think don't think it truly obtained its potential.

    Now we have the new -ZAN-, a merciless aural assault determined to make your ears bleed. This is the absolute craziness the original -ZAN- should have been! This is purely vicious metal! Dir en grey got it down this time, and the result is awesome.

    The one thing about the new -ZAN- that I don't like though, is that everything that made the original special (and not just "meh"-tal) is absent; Kyo's maniacal laughter/choking and all that. From what I understand, -ZAN- is about insanity. The first song showed that but this version doesn't. Instead, it just sounds completely angry.

    Well, that's all I have to say about that. Thanks for reading.
    TheHalfaneseon January 27, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI prefer the old -ZAN-
    warumonokurenaion December 19, 2009   Link

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