Look at me
Touch me
Do not speak
Another word
You hope
You pray
As you mouth
The words
And lay by
My side
You want
To believe
As you grope
At my chest
Looking for
A heart
A love that
You could call
Your own
So my fling
My concubine
How could you
How dare you
Lie to yourself
Like that

So feel free
To sing along
To this song
Because I'm sure
We both know
It is going
To be the last
Thing you will
Ever hear from me

Because baby
You're cute
And I would
Love to stay
But you are
Only worth
The thirty minutes
In bed I gave
You today

Go on sing along
It's okay
Baby you're cute
And I would
Love to stay
But you are
Only worth
The thirty minutes
In bed I gave
You today

So lighten up
And let that voice
Shine on
As your heart
Beats faster
Your body
Flushed with sin
Your calls
And your sweat
Pour from within
But as you claw
And tear away
At my skin
Please know
That no matter
How hard you try
You will never
Find a way in

It is not
It will not
Be my problem
When your tears
Come running down
To tell the world
You have been wronged
It can not
Be my problem
When you chose
To marry an idea
That never belonged

But you know what
This is not
Going to hurt me
As much
As I am trying
To hurt you
My love
My dear
My five minutes
Escape from boredom

How hopeless you are
My unwanted swan
You know
After all the
Nice boys are gone
Off to pick
Up the pieces of
Girls much more
Desirable than you
It is for
My touch
My embrace
My apathy
You will fawn
The thought of me
Will forever
Be your curse
My unloved
Because you will
Remember me
When I'm gone

Oh I'm harsh
I know
And for my crimes
I cannot atone
Because the
First notch
Goes deep
Goes straight
To the bone

And seriously honey
You're sweet
But your hysteria
You must resist
Because a slice
Off a cut loaf
Is never
To be missed

Jenny I'm not
The man you
Think I am
All I am
Is the man
Your mother
Warned you about
With a tongue
To her lips
And a mind
In her past
But that's why
You love me
I am a master
Of excess
And you are
The damsel
I distress
But I digress
Because the single
"U" in us
means more
Than you think
Because you
Will come to agree
With a certain degree
That honey
The us you know
Does not
Include me

So dare
To smile
Dare to sing
Dare be happy
Dare look at
How much
You have grown
But most importantly
Leave me alone
And just learn to
Love yourself
And find
Someone else
To coddle your dreams
Because I sure as hell
Will not be there to
Do it for you

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