"Cubism Dream" as written by Kelcey Paul Ayer, Matthew James Frazier, Ryan Clinton Hahn, Andrew Jeffrey Hamm and Taylor David Rice....
She flew across the sea
We talked on a small screen
A cubism dream
The most beautiful squares I'd ever seen
The canvas was free
A gift good mother gave to me
We joked at how they talked so differently

I will never know what had rot my heart
It just came and went in the dark
I had changed into the certain kind of man
That could break your heart with his own hands

We were to scan our own towns
And make good on what we found
Oh, what a fool I was to think
That I could get by on a smile and a wink
I make a friend, I make you sick
Could you even imagine a kiss?
We spoke of how we talked so differently
I spoke of how I felt so differently

I will never know what had rot my heart
It just came and went in the dark
I had changed into the certain kind of man
That could break your heart with his own hands

So in australia, on halloween
I proved what our love meant to me
The suffering, the struggling
I did it for you
I did it for me

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"Cubism Dream" as written by Kelcey Paul Ayer Andrew Jeffrey Hamm

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Cubism Dream song meanings
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    General Commentfunny how everyone has their own interpretation. for me, it was a missed opportunity. so the song, for me at least, i like to imagine he wrote it from my experience with a girl. a girl that i liked, and she felt the same, but she wouldn't be with me. she felt i deserved better, i, on the other hand, knew she was the one for me. so... with that said, i was into that girl, she was into me, but no one made a move. so its just unsaid feelings at first, she moves ("flew across sea"), we stay in touch ("talked on a small screen"), "cubism dream, beautiful squares i ever seen" = wishing/wanting her from just talking on the computer(still in love with her)and hoping she feels the same on the other side of the (cubed) screen. "canvas was free, gift mother gave to me" = advice from moms that said i should tell her how i really feel and canvas(situation) was up to me to paint it, or control what i do, tell her how i really feel. "joked how they talked so differently" = agreeing on some funny thing where i hope she can realize we are so suited(meant) for each other and they'll find no one else like ourselves(our same personalities). "rot my heart, came and went in the dark" = rot meaning i changed my mind about her. she says she isn't single anymore. she meets another guy, and i'm mad that she isn't with me. i thought she was into me. "changed into man who breaks your heart with his own hands" = i shut her out and didn't want anything to do with her. i shouldn't have did that. i hurt her feelings, maybe broke her heart, b/c she did want me, eventually, but she was uncertain b/c she felt i deserved better. "scan our own towns, make good on what we found" = try to move on and be with someone else. "i was a fool to think i could get by on a smile and a wink" = i just can't move on, b/c i know she is the girl i should be with. i can't seem to be with any other girl w/out wishing it was her. "i make a friend, i make you sick, could you imagine a kiss?" = even if i were to be with a different girl, i would still think of you.. and me knowing that she wouldn't like the idea of me being with another girl. kissing this new girlfriend would only make me think of when i would kiss her. so its like whats the point? really. "we joked.." = i had to get in good terms with her again b/c i can't have her not in my life. "i spoke of how i felt so differently" = realizing that i have to be with her, and she is the only girl for me. hoping and wishing that she could realize the same, meanwhile she don't know if she deserves me. "i don't know what had rot my heart, it came and went in the dark" = i am frustrated yet again b/c she wants me, i want her, but she stays with this other guy. so i try to shut her out yet again ultimately breaking her heart yet again. putting her through this twice now. "in australia, on halloween" = i throw myself back into this same situation yet again, b/c i can't shut her out. so in her hometown i visit and yet again try one last time to convince her that she should be with me. "halloween," b/c halloween is when you dress up in a costume of a different character. = i tried to be like the guy she was with, someone who i was not. "i prove what our love meant to me" = i tried to be that guy that you wanted, but i can't be him, or myself, b/c you don't know what you want, and you can't make up your mind. i tried so hard that i would have tried to change to be with her. "the suffering, the stuggling" = all this that i have tried and you still don't know what you want. i suffer going in circles with you, i struggle with the stress that you won't ever know what you really want. i did it for you = i would have changed all i am to be with you. thats how much i (could have) loved you. "i did it for me" = i finally have had enough of this trying to convince you. "i did it for me (3x)" = finally acknowledging the fact that if i can't be more than friends, i can't be in your life at all. it is too much to bare, to see you with someone else who should have been me. so i have to quit you.. knowing that it is the best option, or i will always be in that situation where i know i will come 2nd, to the other guy. so i have to shut her out for good, knowing that i am doin' this for me, and my own good. b/c deep down i know she will never change. also knowing that i can't really change who i am to be with her... knowing that she should like me for me. so its best to have her out of my life b/c i don't want to suffer. while, still holding on to some false hope that one day she will hopefully change her mind, at the same time knowing that we are just not meant to be. in the end, not really sad about the situation, just hopeful for another girl who will be the girl she thought she could never be. it is a quite the sad song, but i don't see the song as sad... i see it as hopeful. that is just the way I see it.
    but that is what i got out the song just from my own experience. i am probably wrong as far as what the song is really written about, but i know some of the points in my story have to make some sense to some of you. or maybe you've experienced a similar situation. i know i can't be alone on this. haha
    cubismdreamon April 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about a relationship that became seperated by distance for an extended period of time, whether it be touring or studying abroad. And how it started off great with just webcamming each other, but being away for such a while took a toll, and they soon ran into jealousy issues (i make a friend, i make you sick could you even imagine a kiss?) It seems as they also ran out of things to talk about, and just began to have meaningless converstations. In the end he says (i did it for you, i did it for me) making me feel as though it wasnt easy, but something had to be done because it was going nowhere. It is ashame because distance does this to a lot of relationships and you can tell that this was not an easy decision for him.
    ElNino9on October 05, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me this song is about a relationship that ended due to the girl going overseas.

    I think they thought to begin with that it would still work, so to some extent he doesn't know how he fell out of love with her.

    The start of the second verse is when they start to really miss each other. They try to list why they love living where they are, even though they are apart. The line 'oh, what a fool i was to think, that i could get by on a smile and a wink' is his realisation that it is not going to be as easy as he originally thought. Jealousy also comes in to play when he makes new friends.

    I interpreted the final verse as him ending up in Australia during Halloween. He ends up cheating on her, and then breaks up with her. But he broke up with her for both of them because they were both unhappy being so far away from each other. They had essentially change in to different people.
    aimwhyon October 30, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI saw these guys live the other night.. Kelcey said this was about his ex-gf moving to Sydney and that the song was bascially the story of how things went after she left, subsequently breaking them up.

    It is definitely about trying to make a long-distance relationship work. I have been there myself and its not easy at all. I can relate to it so much. Distance does put a toll on you, and you have to keep the visits frequent otherwise the relationship will deteriorate.

    What I can see happened here in the start of the song, is that both parties thought they'd be okay by video chatting. I think then Kelcey started to realise this wasn't enough and he needed her physically(happened to me). They then agreed to see other people in their own "towns"(happened to me too). They obviously kept each other honest, because he says when he told her he made new friends, she would get jealous(me, again). They then started to feel differently towards each other.

    Anyway.. in the last verse.. I feel like he came to australia to visit her. However it seems like he flew over to tell her personally that they couldn't continue to keep the friendship going because it was too much for him. I don't think he proposed as someone else mentioned. They broke up. Probably for the best. The only way a LD relationship will work is if they visit frequently, and usually one party makes a permanent move to be with the other. Some people aren't cut out for it. I know I wasn't.
    JellyKaneon February 12, 2011   Link
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    General Commenttalking to an ex on the internet and realizing he still loves her.

    ...i think.
    rezeew11on February 22, 2010   Link
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    General Commentbest thing iv heard all year. fucking love this song
    hopetheressomeoneon April 09, 2010   Link
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    General CommentCubism is a form of art (ala Picasso) and when talking on the internet ones image tends to create a momentary frame very close to a Cubism piece.

    This song is about a long distance relationship that didn't work out.
    danielh1234on May 06, 2010   Link
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    General CommentYup on the long-distance/overseas relationship. There could be more symbolism in it (I really dig cubismdream's deconstruction above), but i think the whole thing could be quite literal actually. Bet the girl is an Aussie even. This song reads like my torturous long-distance US->Australia relationship.

    She goes home, kicking off the whole messy affair ("she flew across the sea"), and then all the standard, gut-wrenching long-distance themes of longing, sadness ("the suffering, the struggling"), dating other people (the "scan our towns" bit), and jealousy ("could you even imagine a kiss?") kick in. All this peppered with the clever depiction of internet chats ("cubism dream"//"beautiful squares").

    I do think the "i will never know what had rot my heart" line alludes to him at some point being 'less into her' than she is into him, and the "i spoke of how i felt so differently" line kinda cements that.

    So in Australia... dude either goes to Oz to see if this thing with his girl is gonna live or die... or, like 'aimwhy' says, he cheats on her ("i proved what our love meant to me//i did it for you//i did it for me"). Both interpretations work, but the "i felt so differently" line makes me think it might be the latter. That's where the relationship dies.

    Distance is a mother fucker, that's all I do know.

    Beautiful goddamn song.
    killmoretrouton November 27, 2010   Link
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    General Comment"so in australia, on halloween i proved what our love meant to me" : he proposed
    freighton November 30, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is clearly about a long distance relationship. The last verse seems to indicate that despite the singer's feelings that their relationship he is still making sacrifices as if it weren't.

    "so in australia, on halloween
    i proved what our love meant to me
    the suffering, the struggling
    i did it for you
    i did it for me "

    He might have traveled all the way to Australia to surprise his girlfriend on Halloween or he might be the one that is in Australia and turned down an opportunity for sex or a relationship with another girl.

    "oh, what a fool i was to think
    that i could get by on a smile and a wink
    i make a friend, i make you sick
    could you even imagine a kiss?"

    the above shows that the singer seems to have had a naive belief that the relationship could survive on skype chats, basically just seeing his girl's face. but as time wore on he realizes he needs, to put it crudely: sex.
    "the suffering, the struggling
    i did it for you
    i did it for me"
    meaning that he refrained from cheating: "i proved what our love meant to me"
    tamopson December 06, 2010   Link

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