A list of things that should be said
now weighs a forest on your tongue
and all your virtues safely kept
in vaseline have slipped bygone.

Put it on the vast choir sings
let the Broncos run wild again
wipe it off that purgatory grin
because it's all too convincing.

Show me that it's easy
say that you are in need of me
don't talk of the costs
with a mouthful of wasps
time is up so let them all fly
up in the sky.

Yes, I was taught among your kind
by drilling tunnels towards the core
in through the multi detailed mind
where rich and simple is at war.

Put it on the choir sings
let the Broncos run wild again
wipe it off that diabolic grin
'cause it's so contrived
and it frightens me.

Show me that you're easy
say that you believe in me
don't act out your frost
with a mouthful of wasps
time is up so them all fly
up in the sky.

Behind those weary eyes
some broken story hides
I need to know
and you have to show
before it strikes its roots and strangles everything.

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Mouthful of Wasps song meanings
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    General CommentFor me:

    The mouthful of wasps are all the contained guilt that made our lives harder.
    Concealing and hiding our mistakes / sins / lies so on the surface we think we are still immaculate.

    All these things weigh a forest on your tongue when you should speak.
    While you pretend having your virtues safely kept you know that in reality they are long gone.

    Put it on the vast choir is like a virtual crowd of singers helping you say all those sins under the surface, once released from all those useless guilty feelings (fake purgatory grin) you can run wildly again like broncos wherever you just feel like you should be going.

    "The Show me that it's easy" part is the relation to anything that your soul truly loved but has forsaken because of all the guilt amassed. It's time to dump all that guilt and start over again.

    "Yes I was taught among your kind" is my favorite part (sounding reminds me of Muse a lot)
    It's a pretty diverse to interpret part, it could mean a lot of things.

    For me it's like: You can try to analyze the things/world/people in detail, no matter how deep you drill into the reasons (into the core) you will find opposing things: qualities/particles/forces/waves interacting (rich and simple at war). So in the end regular analysis has it's own limitations. If you really want to make progress in understanding the universe you will have to think in a brand new way accepting things that might seem nonsense firstly. So this part is about how faith complements rationality.

    It brings us again to the vast choir, this time the grin is diabolic and you act on your frost instead of talking the costs. This is a slight exaggeration, as conscience has lost it's power so you don't anymore look for excuses (talk of the costs) but you are on your frosts, you became ignorant and your grin became diabloic.

    The last part
    It is time say that broken story with your tongue, there is no vast choir helping you getting rid of those mouthful of wasps, you have to do it, and if you don't do it in time then those roots will keep you down forever keeping you down becoming a prisoner of your own guilt.

    I like root-forest connection between the first and last few lines forming a nice frame for the song, if you don't get rid of that list of things that should be said then the roots will strangle everything.
    FreeBorNon December 29, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionI liked a lot the song, just listen to it today.
    I can't wait to hear the full album.
    Geomodon January 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI believe this song to be about for a moment at least stop caring about anything and just enjoying the moment. The whole Trespassers album is amazing
    Sandinoon February 03, 2010   Link

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