two times two is mathematics
back at it
back at it with this rap at it
back at the truck
back at the bar
back with your hoe
back at the spot
meet me at the glow

can't do with the cool
can't do like a motherfuckin' (????) kabul
but y'all ain't ready
y'all ain't raw
classical cliche words i heard outside of the cypher

step to the left
step the the ticket booth
step to the bar and order a beck's
step to the place
can't do it ace
go for the throat before it's too late

remember passion
without the simple flask in a pocket
safety tip:
take risks and don't drink fifths
chew, blow, or smoke life away
make you own noose
always in the ass like caboose

new 'geti king cut throat cut off the anchors of old boats
let them ships sink in the olds boats
like cold cat, heavy influence of rap
still trying to get my sox cap back
with the cursive C
not on tracks like bree
melt like salt when it's on the i c e
smooth like silk
motherfuckin' frank i kill
cats died and the living have guilt

well built like porsches
obey breast body and booty
take less and throw the pressures of awkward and moody
never stoopin' a stoolie
done a lot of things but things still school me
fake friends, summer loves, break hearts
stab you in the back dart
break your spirit when you feel it
then you feel ill spirit
then you're stuck
can't bear it
can't breathe
like oxygen
like riverboats pumped it all
i gamble checks
i gambled death and came back outta breath
a little bit wet
flag half staff pissing me off
underground by tomorrow
buy a bucket at the drip bar
wake up, shit man
gettin' whipped by the devils cane
feeling strange
like acid trips on prison train's lane
this how i rap while i sip that first beck's
waiting for miss bombette to return
los angeles man, everything is right
disconnecting myself from my old life

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