Genelec: Yo it's Genelec, and I give & take
Memphis Reigns: And it's Memphis Reigns and I live to create
Genelec: Yo it's Genelec, and I live to create
Memphis Reigns: Yo it's Memphis Reigns, and I give & take

Yo, I'm attackin' ya with spectacular vernacular,
Meticulous rhymes are tricklin' down the spine,
Find time to produce and still shoot the one twenty-two,
From my fuckin' voicebox, like the noise box,
Swift on the method,
Smoke minus O & E, like candy,
Murderous and servin' the verdict with mics handy,
Twenty years age I phrase the life's maze,
In a tempest, relentless, Genelec fresh with the sentence,
Loop dig endless, obese peaks to knock creeps full senseless

[Memphis Reigns]
Hark the herald, the angel sings, the painful stings, my shameful stings,
With technological, in order by chronological, using biological,
To go against the probable outcomes that stay unstoppable,
Hits fully created through molecules, I reign,
Stupendous beyond the eloquent biblical Babylonial testaments,
The heaven sent, relevant, runnin' for president, represent,
Through miracles, lyrical spiritual, practice the use of syllables,
Killables roll my survival, on arrival I'm kickin' recitals,
Remaining untitled, in Catholic bibles I'll be your idol,
Rhyme paradigm, shine fine when I define, with lines confined to be the greatest of all time


[Memphis Reigns]
Aiyyo, I rock like Lenny Kravitz, fuck it I'm rockin' the planet,
And slam it completely off balance, my talents commence of any challenge,
You dare to throw, fear me like a fucking scarecrow,
I dare those, that pimp it like acrobatics, automatic,
Who play perfect aerial graphics during the unleashing of my tactics,
Commandin' it like simple fuckin' practice

Yo pass me something goddamnit,
I sip it back, slam it,
Analyze beats, kick back on the hammock,
No need to plan it, I improvise easy,
See Gifted Mantis spit words so freely, believe me,
Country Club breath triple X, I flex my thought patterns,
Hit the crys meth, manifest rock caverns,
Underground solid,
Who wanna test the database for the knowledge?
Too fast for college, I catch bad reports,
Hit the nicotine, stuff shrooms in my shorts

[Memphis Reigns]
Hey yo Jedi Mind Tricks, hardly ever psychic,
Fuck crystal balls, choose mics to be my sidekick,
Widespread, hands out, meet me in the open,
Leave for body broken, provokin' this evil omen,
Upholding the highest degree, the nicest emcee,
I'm rhyming for me and my super personal army,
Hardly the low lines, always they stay compelling,
So complex, they keep on varying on Tori Spelling

Hey yo, twelve three double one nine seven nine,
I'ma get it right this time and show spine,
Rhyme to my vitals, ride the life cycle,
Breathe as I weave, please seize my recital
Your bible, my immediate surrounding,
I surf the beat with my speech, get the hearts pounding,
One two, fuck a smug in the corner,
Jump up excite these cells and make 'em warmer


G: Yo what up to Santa Cruz, cause we give & take
MR: All my backup ill people, yo we give & take
G: Send a shout-out to Boston, we give & take
MR: Triforce represent baby give & take
G: Lost Boyz Crew that's right, we give & take
MR: All my people, that's right yo we give & take
G: Master Kong one time cause he give & take
MR: San Diego to Virginia yo we give & take
G: Give it up for Kobe Tai cause she give & take
MR: Newports 2-for-1 yo we give & take
G: Country Club malt liquor, we give & take
MR: Fuck Dick & Bush 2000, yo we give & take
G: Yeah Rudy from Survivor we give & take
MR: Fuck that, naked fags yo we give & take
G: Fuck it, fuck Officer Kelly, we give & take
MR: Poweraid drinks yo, we give & take
G: Yo that's right, Lemme Make Love To You, we give & take
MR: That's right cacarito burritos give & take
G: Ha, ha, ha! One time...

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