[Memphis Reigns]
Brick pyramids
Me rehearsin' and cursin' the first person
Reversin' the earth's period
[Memphis Reigns]
Hieroglyphic encrypted legendary figures rise from the ground of a cemetary
The sacred spiritual mystics
[Memphis Reigns]
Hidden bible codes
Clever twisted and mixed with the written scriptures
Revisited in higher probes
[Memphis Reigns]
Yo, journeymen
Waiting for heaven's gates to unfold
[Memphis Reigns]
Reaching the ancient Egypt
And seeking cities of gold

[Memphis Reigns]
Obliterate incinerate the lands of prehistoric Earth,
A thunder this is hard to simmer,
When grounds I've put up to words equivalent to earthquakes,
My verbs shake the closeup place to ripple escalating distance across the United States,
Ridiculous rate, rampage, repetitious radical ex-factor,
Smack ya lights out like linebackers,
Attackin' with the force of a billion ionic-sporting bazookas choose to lose abusing your crews,
As an example dismantle your Adam's apple,
In fact I grapple and handle the dirty work ??? undercover operation,
Lyrically manifested self-elected well-perfected, I'm intersecting digression for higher type of progression

Thirty five ??? devil on the shoulder talking shit,
I possess power try blocking it,
Scrape it from the top, concentrated E elements,
Rugged unplugged and well of it, drillin' through sediment,
Archaeologists follow an excavated document speakin' on ancient prophets,
The postmodern Tutankhamen, who you stoppin'?
Never this indelible metal covered mind smuggler smothered in a doctrine,
Black magic midnight medicine man spreaded this dreaded epidemic upon the land,
The unseen hand,
Outer body, mind, spirit & soul,
Transparent energy scattered in furious code,
Ha, ha! Not an engineer alive able to stable the fire warped drive inside,
Physical phenomenon Genelec helped spawn,
Prison rippin' the compositions of upper echelon,
Congregation, total tectonic obliteration,
From Mt. Olympus, label me the head mystic in charge,
Mecha devious Prometheus figure who scorched laws,
Earth man's polar opposite,
All lyrics in unipresent, pressin' it above the populous, who's stoppin' this?

[Memphis Reigns]
Cinematic physical symbolism through lyricism, crack yo mind like prism,
And stigmatisin' your optic vision in repetition I condition your spittin' like Ivan Pavlov,
Hear my voice respond to a chill so you can back off, all backtalk,
Program the monitor, a new Andromeda to analyze the unexplained type of phenomena,
Coalesce the magic, I'll melt this wisdom to an eternity,
Journey into attorney, be guilty without a jury,
My fury fired by self-inflicted guilt,
Stand still the Aziz,
????? like Juggernauts under stress when floors I touch get flushed,
When I erupt I'm holding entity, mentally rearrange thoughts, facilitate locks,
And dissonant with your inner brains box,
I'm similar to Paul Bunyan's mighty blue ox,
??????????? when I talk

Seven six inches, thick be the mist in these trenches,
This man resides where the water condenses
Why wonder? The thunderhead catalyst,
Pillage in the sky for energy so as to shatter this,
Momentary silence, the decibels peak when speech sirens,
Heed this release free-firing, *forever*
Revolve with the coming of fall,
Inject rhythm into living organisms hitting them all,
Asteroid impact, six mile crater,
React when I bend back, strike like a saber,
Tooth from the paleolithic to get specific,
Ride with the mystics, quick grab ya ticket

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