Yo, check it..
Yo, it's G, M-A-J-O-R,
Relax on my back takin' in the stars,
I throw my rhyme to the wind let the element send my energy to the planets,
See if ancestors understand it,
Transmit and respawn quick, will leave me thick in a question, so many questions,
Puzzled, sift through the rubble, search for my life so elusive,
Dream every night but the dream's inconclusive,
Relay my thoughts in rhyme, thirty three lines in one page,
No, not a sun ray, more like a thunderhead,
Curse those who weave my afflictions, this man included,
Step out the box and get booted,
Temporary, hit the bottle,
Temporary, hit the throttle,
Temporary, my mothafuckin' male model for existence,
Exist in a chrysalis state until I'm liquid, broken down chemical,
Reform and swarm on the whole population, fresh mutation,
Add another box to the senses, time moves endless, relentless,
I send this, rhyme to the wind, I send this rhyme to the wind

Yo, when the planets and the moon shift, my cocoon rips,
Exist in a chrysalis state until I'm hittin' the bass, pace rage,
With no oppressionist, no depression, until I get to breath in and breathin' the stress that's sweetened,
And multiplied and divided in my system I'm tryin' to hide the tension but it's no use, fuck a death noose,
Let the world choke thick on the smoke of my actions,
Walk my path blastin' words, slugs, and pubs of backs of beats snappin',
Kick snare the rip tear, the space on the planet, for ME goddamnit,
I never planned it, womb injection, stand tall now in reflection,
Quick stone throw from perception, second guessing origination,
Men so vein in this nation, rather be vagrant,
No time to whine when I dine on a finer platter,
Than half the earth's matter,
Brain splatter, head open for analysis,
Acknowledging the callousness,
Pass me the scalpel quick and I split this mind open myself,
Who better to perform the procedure? Thick in meter, una viva, I know what you do,
Master of my own destiny, fuck the voodoo!

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