Genelec: Wonder if this bewildering sphere will appear clear in the borders of future vision,
All of this rewritten,
Wonder if this bewildering sphere will appear clear in the borders of future vision,
All of this rewritten,
Logic without a prison,
All of this rewritten

[Memphis Reigns]
I talk to you the one of three in spare by two but four by one,
Guilty tips for giving me life acknowledge me as your son,
Known to run I'm quickly confused with the message that you said to me,
Melodies with so remedies, teach me to love my enemies,
Giving me reason to believe in spiritual authorities, priority,
The skin; my lips exist as a minority,
Warding me for a better tomorrow, I weep in sorrow,
For the life you took again and let your people only borrow,
But it bothers me, I've learned to yearn and taste the only life,
Many times I've tried to call for help I'm out of breath,
Peace until we meet at the pass after my death,
Yo I've learned to live my life without any shred of regret,
Wandered through the carousel that cycles within the seasons,
Dreaming, but never reaching, and teaching, but never ever speaking,
I'm losing my connection untying this true affection,
I'm endlessly lost and off, headed for no direction,
Swingin' my fist in anger, answer in any manner,
Frustrated by the sound of the rain that softly pitter-patters,
Retire my entire feelings, bleeding as I perspire,
Find the fuel to fire my innermost needs that I desire

Yo, picture me able-bodied offering walking atop the toppling cities,
Then sitting awkwardly perched on the ruptured earth,
In the shadow of those first cursed,
I'm immersed in battle with these merciless urges to end my search,
Quench this thirst, I'm lost, crumbling under sun,
And I'm stumbling through the tundra, lost and alone as one,
Faith at the gun, sever my quest for the breath of reason,
I'll settle among the gestures and heathens and sleep forever encased in a state of freezing,
Bleeding, like forever, I'm bleeding internal journals by the hundreds,
Speak of power presented to those embedded in the head,
Those threaded connections with their surroundings, pounding upon the silence for the possibilities,
Thunder has yet to build in me,

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