Genelec: Yo I don't know what you do,
You don't what I know,
I know that I fly high with the lines though,

Memphis Reigns: Open up ya mind think fast and do the math,
cause we taggin' up ya path bring wrath across the map

Genelec: I don't know what you do,
You don't what I know,
I know that I fly high in the mind though

Memphis Reigns: Open up ya mind think fast and do the math,
cause we taggin' up ya path bring wrath across the map

Yo slip with me now through the twisted vegetation,
Jet another circle in the cycle of the solar symphony,
I exist outer limits unseen, undiminished by the infinite,
With image silhouetted like Lonewolf,
Focus all eyes to the skies, dive deep into the hive to the inside,
And let me introduce you to design, my color texture alignment,
In the center of it combined, sublime, with a fine time to manipulate,
Step back, watch me ripple the face of the quiet lake, effortless,
Just an individual chiseling atypical shapes and invisible space,
Man, I stretch it like a canvas,
Summon energy let the hands dance, mental transplant,
With advanced plans to re-arrange the planets,
Reorder the borders, make it more like my dreamscape,
Give me time, I create, anything, anywhere, any place

[Memphis Reigns]
Speak to the prophet responsible for the dropping of bombs,
Like terrorists on the holy republic of the Islamic community,
I'm immune to the virus musically perpendicular to the eclipse and the moons and seas,
In tune with the satellite of the apparent patterns of communication, conversation, call for interrogation,
And I never wanna take part in this labeling,
And if I do I'm only partaking by unveiling the sin,
This love into the chattering vision to what I'm thinking,
I'm driven to fantasy that is quite non-existent,
Where am I going now?
I find time to live tomorrow and slowly drown out the whispers inside of my hollow,
Paranormal physical, unpredicted this miracle, captivate with a spiritual
Supernatural channel through voodoo enacted by Vuzu, amass the wrath of the Zulu, I'm fastened to the lamp that I'm grapplin' it like you do


[Memphis Reigns]
Yo slide with the rhythm submissive into decision,
I'm slippin' a figure eight to your body sitting position,
My mission does not consist of writing verses on a topic,
I don't give a fuck if I'm the only person really jockin' it,
I'm confident, and when I talk that talk you know I'll walk it,
I'm doin' it for the love, take a look inside of my wallet,
I'm awfully sorry for my rudeness, I ruined your flow,
I had a bigger cypher during the better part of your show,
Tally ho, let's get it on,
I'm spittin' rush for any appetite,
I'm still rockin' this crowd with sign language minus the mic,
I'm tighter than dykes, leavin you hoppin' like some horny bunnies,
I'm kickin the illest freestyle, on techno, gospel or country,
Kick whatever you're feelin' like redeeming your self-esteem,
Shit I'll even let your mother or father play records for me

And it's like yo I unleash the beast you increase the peace,
I reach peak and release my speech; heads twink,
Meet me in the middle of my emotion,
Hidden in a ripple in time flowing in close to explosion,
Flammable when handled by man or machine or animal,
Can of the meanest grammar I sample of this mechanical,
Method like clockwork, sockin' a jerk, stoppin' a mock worth,
Cock this verse, my shot hits first

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