Genelec: Move, leave deep tracks when I move,
Move, seek new paths when I move,
Move, let the breeze lead when I move,
Move, I got to be free when I move (2x)

I gotta, rearrange,
Find myself tangled in same - similar - mundane,
What once was strange, now grips with familiarity,
Gotta be ??tearin the border?? cause it's scarin' me, I dislike change,
And frost-covered windowpanes,
I'd rather be lost in the rain, I need change, I yearn for change,
Just some fluctuation,
Fuck waitin' up inside my little cable ready station,
Cause I'd rather be exploring the nation and touring the place where the city's gritty and polished,
The life's demolished and upright, all of the sites,
London to Santa Cruz, something I plan to do,
Cross the earth on the move, destination let the wind choose

[Dan J]
Never ever let the thoughts cause the proper friction,
The lack of movement loses clock revolutions,
Wishful thinking wasting haste steals the taste, and I gotta peep the craving,
I gotta make my mark stepping on the wet pavement,
Constructed constrictions holding victims imprisoned,
In the prism of a red traffic light, blinding sights,
Crippled positions with shriveled dwindled visions,
??? thoroughbred the fear of flight,
We-e-ell this colorblind bird dreams of stop signs and blurs,
Was the first to leave the nest with no regrets,
He left the rest to feel the crest of the wind's breath,
He holds it in his chest,
Never perched, I soar and searched with wing span from the diaphragm as I exam,
Over the head, and below the astro turf


[Memphis Reigns]
??Wake mine, great as rhyme,
Waits for not a single man,
The unplanned spans scourin' paths passed throughout the land,
Yo ya chance to scan the global grass fallin' upon ya head,
Now they slippin' through the cracks of father time's hourglass hand,
Systematically cruisin' through the darkest jungles of Thailand,
Strikin' with the force that's splittin' the Hawaiian Islands,
It's my hand, artifact for art in fact, is misinterpreted,
Direction of my path is now converted, coerced with,
The traveling volume that shall explore,
I'm droppin' knowledge like they ain't gonna risk the ocean floor,
Furthermore I hover through out of seance so quite connivingly,
I'm embracin' the melting pot of colors create on my society,
I'm merely a camouflage curtain the hurting soul,
See the world or get trapped in this version of Truman Show,
It's my turn, activate and circumnavigate the maze,
Manifest the manuscript, I traveled sixty days

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