Check this shit out...
Yo, yo, uh
Eight zero billion galaxies balancing malice and chaos,
These men summon the words seance,
To stay lost amidst the bass hits and spitfire snare drum kicks,
No dumb shit, my blood run thick for the river,
Filtering words like liquor surge through my liver,
Who's the riddler? Who to believe?
With ease we weave magic, maniac manic beat addicts dramatic, no static

[Memphis Reigns]
Samurai, megaton, with force equivalent to atom bombs,
I raise the mic like swords and bombs of Galvatron,
Reflect the light stream of sunbeams,
Aim at a distant planet, too disturbingly,
Hear the stars scream, "Firecrack the apparatus!"
Black the skies like laser beams, I'm Prime like Optimus
Who wanna test the deadly force I'm always hostile with?
I colonize my words and verbs on the lands of Unicron,
As I'm droppin' Firebombz

Check check it, check
This blizzard in the middle of spring hits,
With swift unexpected foreshowing neglect for projected cores,
Expect remorse from those not ready,
Caught heavy when Hurricane G drops steady,
Never before measured the method that mirrors mine,
Effortlessly aggressive in essence, spirit and mind,
Clearin' that fine line, terminal velocity,
Inferno of animosity, man there's no stoppin' me

[Memphis Reigns]
Stomp a fleet of colonies, super sonically drop anomalies,
Some mental ancient indian forms of the Shamanry,
Paradromicly launching with the harmony,
Harnessing the velocity at impossible numerical quantities,
Solemnly under modern technology, diatomically paired to a nucleus symbiotically live platonically

Yo, caps lock G period, are you hearing this?
Slingblade the universe,
Lacerate the levels of space and create a place where I can sit and waste a lifetime,
Calibratin' my sightline,
Proper focus my power precise when I write rhyme,
Vision is transmission and glisten like a prism in the midst of all this hissin',
And spittin' and signal mixin', livin' with this addiction,
Rippin' into the system with fists and some firey words,
And fly higher in the eye of the birds,
Rip-rippin' into the system with fists and some firey words,
To fly higher in the eye of the birds

[Memphis Reigns]
Let the Reigns fall, my brainstorm,
Noise that I may take form,
Like rainstorm, the rain pulls,
Straight words through my nasal,
Injected through tsunamis of living type of bacteria,
I fear for ya, hysteria, runnin' throughout yo area,
Pairin' ya to another, maybe fatal to another, oh brother,
I'll smother you like an overprotective girlfriend,
Uncertain of my whereabouts, tearin' up when my words surrounds,
Crowd and get loud whenever up your direction,
I'm breakin' weed emcees out like artifical selection,
I'm breakin' weed emcees out like artifical selection

Yo, yo, firebombz on yo moms, G & Memph droppin' firebombz, firebombz on yo moms

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