Ten For Me!

(chyeah! We had to do a song for Kap! ha-ha!)

Yeah I'm lookin' like im (ten)
But i'm steady gettin' ass
Attended University but never went to class
Yeah I slipped my teacher (ten) Have to (ten) then I pass
Now I'm rappin, drinkin' 40s, smokin' blunts, and gettin mashed

Yeah I'm lookin' for a girl type (ten) or a dime
Best to be a border chick and get on my grind
But if you ain't down with (ten) don't pretend to be
I got a whole parade of Ponies yellin (ten for me)

Yo I be sloppy bro, copy that, 10-4 holla back
Saucy got her bottle back, so where the fuck the party at?
Some people hold em back (ten)
Hold Koala packs load em' with a 40 sac, an oldie, and a foamy hat
And I control the track, hittin once I hold the bat
hittin' blunts i'm holdin that, you light it up I blow it back
Burstin' like a bubble when I come on the track (pop!)
And now you in trouble cause D-W roll you flat (yeah!)

My life's a (ten)
My flow is (ten) YEAH!
My show is (ten)
You know its (ten for, ten for)
So if you ain't Down with Webster don't pretend to be
I got a whole crowd throwin' up a (ten for me)

Ten for Me!

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