I saw you coming from a distance & had to say something like, for instance
Asked you your name and it came with no resistance
I be persistant when I see what I've been searching for
The way you speaking got me certain
You're rather unique & seekin' brothas on the same spiritual plane or maintain at least a similar mind frame
And I came to meet you half way cause the rain can stay
True, other brothas play immature, I would never lie to you
And I could do just about all to keep you happy
While these herbs be actually sayin' lines
(that's really tacky)
You know my rap be tighter than the suit on Spiderman
And you can search the whole entire land
but never find a man that treat you like a queen
And I'm down to wear the crown, now how that sound?
like a lie going straight through ya heart
Got the number to the cell before you say goodbye
You fell under the spell and it's no wonder why 'cause...

I know you want some more, I know you want some more
If you want some more...
(Case sample)...I'll come back and hit it again

I crack a Becks and check my messages from exes
Soundin' all sad,
just be glad that I met ya's and sexed ya's
Left you dresses and wetted textures
I even let ya's in my lectures & protected ya's
Like some emperesses, I'm set with this
Put no emphasis & become one of my extras
When I direct this through these pornographic lenses
I bust one sentence and the sex is endless
Get this on the guestlist of your next slumber parties
And I'll bring the cock in check to numb ya bodies
So if you're thinkin the same come get a drink with James
And get that pink claimed permanent like ink stains
You waste aim, you missed the game
When another interferes tears run your length home
And don't prank me at home in case I got a guest over
And I'll be callin' ya'll when I need some leftovers cause...


I first saw ya out on Central, knew you had potential
I was rhyming off the mental in a '98 rental Continental
Peeped the dental
Check puts the frame on you honeys
Stretched out like a bungee, spit the game like a lungy
Sky was sunny made your eyes shine like your bangles
bangin from all angles
Even the flower on ya ankle had a tangle
I play the feet sweeper, deep speaker
can't let leak keep ya
sneakin' in between the sheets teacher
Leave a leave a hickey on ya breast
One blaze, hungry for Check
The way I sex got you calling me 1-800-Collect
One day you had to jet 'cause ya ex was vexed
He's makin' threats how he wants to come & wet the set
Dude's stressed 'cause his boo's checks
help him rent the duplex
He pulled two tecs & still got his neck suplexed
Came back like Rocky, still tryin' ta cock-block me
But he's sloppy and couldn't Check-Mark playing hockey
What's it gonna be, boo?
Me or this dude we see through
He needs to see you blowing ya beef like R2D2
So think about it, think about it
Come 'bout it
Cause when you say you coming back I really can't doubt it


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