Genelec: Sunwheel, listener's visions become real
We slippin' into rhythm and livin' among the ill
Sunwheel, listen as visions become real
We slippin' into rhythm and givin' the drum spill (2x)

[Memphis Reigns]
Ha ha! My muscular lyrics possess the genetical blueprints,
I'm in the incredible fetal type pugilance, prototype
My flow ignite the strength and might of Lennox Lewis, I do this,
Emitting and emanating energetic sentence to sweep the planet off the universal canvas
[Memphis Reigns]
We seize the planet, at the bottom of the Atlantic,
Staticly raise Atlantis and reposition the atlas

Breathe slow, these be the schematics for star charts fallen,
Heavy metal heartbeats shaken the stone columns,
Following the energy, swallowing any entity unready for twenty second century,
Miles above the middle ground with riddles that pound,
Slippin' thick in the compositions tricklin' down sound,
This captain interacting with magic and mapping actions massively dramatic,
None ready and not a single melody able to stable my firey memory,
Cradled upon the page, spirits of ancestors have blessed us in later days,
This maze that I choose to take power I accumulate,
Breathe slow gather my thoughts and I'll illuminate ~light~, I'll illuminate ~darkness, the dark, the midnight~, I'll illuminate Genelec


[Memphis Reigns]
Visually picture me, photograph mystery,
Undeveloped type of underwater enemy,
Telepathic when I raise the flag might save your clan,
Civil war with the people, scared with my evil style sharp like a needle,
And let it be like The Beatles,
I'm strikin' and leavin' them kneelin' like three point cathedrals,
Heavy rays been through what you never ever seen,
Slide between the crack in the ground without the vaseline,
Movin' and provin' steadily improvin' I'm bruisin' all the crews
Who's next to spark the fuse?
[Memphis Reigns]
Pardon me for the confused,
I'm an enormous prehistoric tyrannosaurus,
Rhyme so large even Columbus won't explore it


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