"Reptiles" as written by and John/homme Baldwin....
I tried to make a break
What a fool
I should've known, I never listen
I'm in a cage
An animal, I'm in a cage

But the reptiles
They won't let me go
I think they want you to stray

Watch the monkey dance
Give 'em a taste
Look at him he's always smiling
Help me to escape
Your mouth agape
You foreign tourist

Woe is me, it will be a funeral
A circus, I'll rap on the cell door
Questions are a fire
That needs feeding to survive
So just you let those flames die down

Trained by consequence and the lash
It leaves me breathless
Their praise is a poison to us all
In the moonlight their scars flash like jewelry
Get too precious
Get locked up in a cage

Want to get, gotta risk any move
Misconstrued and you're screwed
Tongues flash and flick as if they're screaming

Oh they lie just like a lover
Oh do they, those kisses will burn

Under the lights
They snap a finger
You jump, you answer
Like a naive hooker with a big dumb smile

For the reptiles
I guess you'll never know
They won't let you go
Cause you're the soup du'jour, that's for sure

Questions are a fire
That needs feeding, to survive
So just you let those flames die down

See them reptiles crawl?
Getting closer
Why won't someone come to drive them away?

Don't rest too long
It's a mistake we can't take back
Take one lying down for a change
And oh it's like cleaning up after an orgy
When it's over
I wish someone would burn this place
To the ground

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"Reptiles" as written by Josh Homme John Baldwin

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    My InterpretationMy $0.02,

    The Reptiles are the world leaders/music industry leaders.

    The Circus/Zoo is the entertainment industry.

    Josh is singing from the perspective of an artist trapped in a cage that he cant escape from a.k.a the record labels basically own the music artists and they have to do what they're told by their masters and be put on display to entertain us while we look on and cant see that these music artists want to escape their "cages".

    Help me to escape!
    *your mouth agape*
    You foreign tourist...
    Woe is me,
    it will be a funeral,
    a circus,
    I'll rap on the cell door.

    So just you let those flames
    die down.

    "Questions are a fire that needs feeding to survive"... I think this line is trying to say we need to keep asking more questions about the world and how things work as we really dont see the bigger picture and what is really going on with these "reptiles" behind the scenes manipulating everything and pulling all the strings in the entertainment industry, politics etc. And the way we just look on with our "mouth agape" and let the caged animals who really know whats going on entertain us and dont ask any questions.

    The line at the end how he wishes someone would burn this place to the ground I think is signifying that he wishes people would ask more questions and gain more knowledge about the "circus" to make the "fire" bigger to expose the Reptiles and their agenda.

    Spinning in Daffodils has an interesting lyric about the "king of the zoo" also, I need to go check that somg out now...
    RoboticMamboMeon February 26, 2010   Link
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    General CommentPossibly my favorite. I think it's about not trusting anyone
    BobbyjointRitualon December 26, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song blatantly describes the reptilians and there agenda. thats about it.
    cool song, i love this album .
    yosemityon November 23, 2009   Link
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    My Opinionone of the best on the cd! love this song!!
    jmw09on December 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt seems to me to be about a circus, which is compared to a funeral, interestingly. It's from the point of view of one of the animals (a lion? I'm thinking one of the animals not mentioned in the song) and how they just want to be free. The line that really jumps out at me is begging the foreign tourist to help them escape, and the disgust that the tourist is enamored by the show.

    "Trained by consequence and the lash" also seems to point toward animals doing tricks.

    "Under the lights..." is another line that seems to point toward animals doing tricks.

    The "liar" whose "kisses will burn" is the animal trainer, who gives them treats and pets them, then whips them.

    "Their praise is a poison to us all" is about how if the "foreign tourists" weren't paying to attend and applauding the acts, the animals wouldn't be slave performers.

    "I wish someone would burn this place to the ground" is fairly self-explanatory. Destroy the circus.

    Some lines I don't understand, though. Like, why is this character jealous of the reptiles? Are the reptiles humans? "See them reptiles crawl? Getting closer... Why won't someone come to drive them away?"
    fearnotofmanon January 10, 2010   Link
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    General Commentit COULD be about a circus, if you mean the world is a stage, and the reptiles are the ring masters.
    Because this is about a reptilian race/government that is in current control of our world and possibly thoughts/feelings/actions. Whether you believe it or not, that's what these lyrics mean. If you take this context and run with it throughout the whole album, the lyrics almost seem to be recruiting you, "wake up, this is what's going down, these are the lies, now get out there and live."

    gablegroveon January 19, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThere seems to be an 's' missing from the name of the song... It's called "Reptiles".

    Anyway, I really like this song... Seeing the lyrics it seems as though the reptiles are getting their revenge on us humans and buzzards.
    ThemWonkyBuzzardson March 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about a circus. I don't know what the circus symbolizes but the best part is with the fire.
    "questions are a fire that needs feeding to survive."
    "I wish someone would burn this place to the ground."
    It's like the reptiles are the ones in control of someone or something that needs our help, or maybe the reptiles are controlling us. But for some reason if we continue to question our dictators, captors, leaders the more that we destroy their control over us. "Oh they lie just like a lover, of do they, Those kisses will BURN"
    likesmokeon September 26, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningThe circus idea is a good theory, but it's actually about the future. I'm not exactly sure how everything ties in yet, but I know this because when they played this song at Cologne in 2009, Josh says beforehand, "This song is about the future." So maybe in the future, the reptiles take over the world and a guy gets captured, and the story is being told from his viewpoint.
    TheDigalitchon September 29, 2010   Link
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    General CommentJosh Homme said at either Concert Prive or gig in Germany, can't remember which - "This song is about the future... I just hope it ain't my future".
    yourmistakeindeedon December 11, 2010   Link

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