Staring out the window of our tour bus
And it's just the horny driver and us.
We sit and trade wit and smoke and we cuss,
Talking about our friendly border drug bust.
And I know the future's cloudy and grey.
Record like mine, give up or go gay.
You're looking down at me with blue and black eyes,
Pissing down a storm from purple night skies.

And I know the concept's muddy and trite
That all that is large and all that is slight
Is flowing in the stream of holy floodlights.
At writing holy books, Lord knows we bite
But if this is your will and my testament,
I will bow to no belief that they bent.
Still I'm just a sperm begat from your love,
Basking in the bread, the blood of your dove.

Can I lie with you in your grave?

There's a crack in the edge of the end of the world
Where I will sit with my love in its fluorescent swirl.
Eat us up, break it down to the tiniest cell
In our room with a view and a window to hell
Where those who buried bodies in their barrels of fun
Will be marched through museums that displayed what they've done.
They'll be shot up through the sky by a cannon of sin
Where we'll reluctantly let them in.
So can I lie in your grave?

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Ahhh... Men song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is maybe about liking someone, but knowing that as of now, nothing will come of it. But he knows that in the end, all he wants is to be with her, even if the world is crashing down around them, she will be all that matters
    pcomet235on November 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSo can I lie in your grave?

    this is going to stick with me...i can feel it...
    wasteofpaint___xon November 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI know a lot of people hate when religion gets brought up in song meanings, but i think this one's obvious, at least the 2nd and 3rd verses. Besides, he was raised by and around strict hasidic jews.

    The 'concept' he speaks of is religion, maybe judism.

    He says we (people) bite at holy books, meaning we flock to them for answers.

    And then says if this (book) is your will and my testament, then sorry but i wont bow to what they bent. 'Bent' meaning, mankind changing what the Bible might have actually said when it was written. (And they most likely changed it during the countless translations its undergone)

    Then, he says 'Still I'm just a sperm begat from your [God] love, Basking in the bread, the blood of your dove.' Bread is what's used in communion to represent Jesus's body. The blood, meaning the blood of Jesus. Jesus is sometimes referred to/symbalized as a dove.

    'Can I lie with you in your grave?' I think he's saying let me die and go to heaven.

    So he can look down, in 'our room,' through the 'window to hell,' (hell being earth) and witness shit-tons of murder (holocaust-like maybe? because he speaks of museums), and after all of it they go to heaven and are allowed in. Eff'd up!

    Anyways, thats my take.

    SeaverWhaton December 26, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"Can I lie with you in your grave?" is one of the most powerfully direct one-line statements of love in a song that I can think of.
    nedologiston February 03, 2010   Link
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    General Commentwell its most probably about him and hes wife you know that she goes on tours with him and that he knows no matter what will happen he wants to lie with her in her grave even if it didnt mean much that being close to her even when the world is breaking down and falling apart he wouldnt be happier any other way but just to lay with her in her grave so he is asking to be with her forever
    songlover2121on February 08, 2010   Link
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    General Commentyeahhh?
    hes talking about god and you think hes going to randomly say
    eat a sub?

    im not thinkin so bud.
    ohtess123on November 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSo Max says that this song is the most spiritual song he's ever written, and that it's probably one of his favourites that he's ever written, and we all know what a brilliant song-writer he is so it's really difficult to try to understand what he's conveying.
    I think he touches on a lot of points, regarding the afterlife and his beliefs, on how important and filling his love is, his thoughts and worries about the future, and the undeniable problems that human nature can bring. It seems to me that ultimately he decides that all we have to accept everyone for who they are, because we're all the same race. We need to learn from our mistakes. Also about the way that we as a race relate to God, or any greater being, I reckon that's why this song is named 'Ahhh... men' Which sort of demonstrates that after pondering us for a while, and although he is reluctant, he will accept everyone anyway, because that's the way that we are as a race.

    And I know the concept's muddy and trite
    That all that is large and all that is slight
    Is flowing in the stream of holy floodlights.
    At writing holy books, Lord knows we bite
    But if this is your will and my testament,
    I will bow to no belief that they bent.
    Still I'm just a sperm begat from your love,
    Basking in the bread, the blood of your dove.

    I believe this is where Max is getting down to brass tacks about how he believes the universe works, and religion and all that. He's saying he knows that no one really knows the answer, and that we all think about it a lot, but the idea of a traditional god or the idea of god that we see in organised religion - one that has been edited and used as a tool of manipulation- is not something that he can see himself believing in, even if he was created by such a being. His idea of God is omniscient and omnipresent, but is not the same as you could read about in the bible (writing holy books...i will bow to no belief they bent). Ultimately he accepts that he is only a tiny being, born from something larger than himself, and grateful for it because he has been provided for by this other being, it has provided him with life that is pure which, as SeaverWhat said, represents Jesus to an extent, and that side of religion.

    I think the last verse shows what Max believes about the afterlife. it makes me think of how he must feel about the holocaust, he says that we should never forget what they did to the victims, we have to remember and show the future generations so that we can learn as a race, but it also shows that he believes that even though they did unspeakably evil things, we will reluctantly let them into 'heaven' because of human nature. He says that not all things can be explained by physics, and at the end of the day, anything physical that we do to one another will fade away but forever leaves a spiritual imprint, which is why i think he believes that we all have an afterlife, regardless of the physical deeds we have committed, but I do not think Max believes in a conventional Heaven, but he does believe that the universe is much larger than us, and that it is one organism that we have to respect and worship. I'm not completely sure how he demonstrates what he really thinks happens after you die, but he is showing reluctant acceptance towards all humans, which i think he believes has an impact on the evolution of peoples souls, and how they congregate, and how everything in the world is connected.

    And once again, it shows us how important love is to Max and how it can penetrate every cell of his body, that even if he was sat at the end of the world he would be completely taken up with his bright, filling love.

    I know this is a bit sporadic and patchy, but it's a difficult song to interpret.
    I love this album, and I think this song is amazing :)
    Sorry for how long it is!
    justlisten_on February 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe last verse is amazing and Max goes absolutely nuts in the acoustic video. The best thing about Say Anything is that Max feels his music and you can tell in his movements and voice when they performs live.
    IamZoon May 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think the

    "Where the birds, the hotties will be spern what they done
    The fox, the museums that propel what they've done"

    is actually,
    "In a room where the bodies will display what they've done
    And march through museums that repel what they've done"

    But I agree with IamZo, watching him get so passionate makes me feel the song as well.
    AllChokedUpon May 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAlso, I think it's "We'll reluctantly let them in", rather than "Moving reluctantly, down, in".
    AllChokedUpon May 13, 2008   Link

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