It was the shortest day of autumn
Until the moment that I caught on
That it hurts to be forgotten

I was so scared to try to kiss you
Now we were scared he'd finally missed you
But you're very fine, a bit used

But it's not fair
That your love should move so slow
Like the faintest starlight's glow
Which moves swiftly, oh I know
It's just got oh so far to go.

So I sent some letters to her
But they missed and went right through her
Though I couldn't find them truer.

And it's not fair
That your love should strike so weak
And our affections feel so meek
And our futures seem so bleak
And oh we've got so far to go
We're not ever coming home

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    General CommentCorrect lyrics are these:

    it was the shortest day of autumn
    untill the moment that i caught on
    i might still be forgotten

    i was so scared to try to kiss you
    now we'd barely find an issue
    but youre barely finding it used
    oh its not fair
    that your love should move so slow
    like the faintest starlights glow
    which moves swiftly oh i know
    its just got oh so far to go

    so i sent some glances to her
    but they missed or went right through her
    though i couldn't have aimed truer

    and its not fair
    that your love should strike so weak
    and our affections feel so meek
    and our future'd seem so bleak
    and oh weve got so far to go

    Were not ever coming home
    were not ever coming home
    seagull241on December 09, 2010   Link
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    General Commentare you sure the lyrics aren't
    "I was so scared to try to kiss you
    Now we just scarcely find an issue"
    because when i listen to it i hear that pretty clearly
    brookenicholex3on May 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI hope I'm not the only one to ever comment on this haha. I was one of those kids who loved hellogoodbye in the very very earliest of beginnings when people considered them "indie" and not well known at all haha. Back in the EP/Cali only days. They were a favorite for a lot of us back then i think. Finally zombies came out and we all loved it but it was also popularity extraordinaire so fast. Que twelve year olds. Okay now fast forward like 3+ years. All of us who loved them as young music-whore high school kids are in college now. There is new indie music to love and HG is definately not "cool" to like as it once was, yet if you ever had a connection with this band you still secretly listen to them on your ipod when you're feeling happy go lucky or nostalgic. Now que this new EP.....years later.....we've all grown up....yet.....we listen........the first time i listened to the song "When we first met" i thought it was "ok", but would i ever listen to it? eh maybe if i was still 16. When i heard this song, i actually liked it. Like genuinely. A more mature sound. More mature song. It sounds and feels a lot different from the old hg but i still liked it and I was actually surprised about it. Good job hellogoodbye. As for the meaning? the part about the stars obviously reflects the fact that it seems to move so slow to us but its really moving at the speed of light. That's why it conflicts slow and swiftly. Also i think it could be about unrequited love and its just not going to work again. That is why they are never going "home" or to the way it used to be.
    skijornon November 16, 2009   Link

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