"Two Tongues" as written by and Glen James Hansard....
What you give
Or give out
Is the only thing
That really counts

Will you stay?
Here, stay around
And we'll both start
Working this out

But it's not just this
It's everything
You're so hard to reach
And impossible to really read
When your talking with
Two tongues in your mouth
And I wish you'd quit this muttering
Beneath your breath
It's killing me
You've not said nothing yet

Who's talking now?
Well I guess I'm starting to doubt
Are we lost here?
Are you keeping count?
Are you gonna just let me down?

Well your hearts not in it
It's everywhere
It's plain to see
You're still wondering
What's underneath
You're so curious
It's two strikes and you're out
And I'm tiring of this attitude
How you fall to pieces
Like you do
I can't believe you're still talking
With two tongues in your mouth
After all we've been around

Will you hear me out?
You're the only thing
That really counts

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"Two Tongues" as written by Glen James Hansard Glen Hansard

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    My InterpretationThis song has so much meaning behind it. The narrator (Glen) is begging for his lover to be upfront with their feelings (Marketa). To reconsider, in the end, their decision to leave. And all the doubt and frustration that comes with an inevitable breakup.

    I've been in a relationship like this one. Being that the song is written by Glen, it's taken from his perspective. As far as the age difference, it can bring up a lot of problems within a relationship. Glen, being older, is ready to settle down and begin a life. Marketa, on the other hand, is still young. She has so much of the world to see and is unsure of what the right decisions are. She has doubts that she is even ready for a relationship as serious as this one, uncertain as to whether the love she feels is true love or a passing fancy. And Glen is just left feeling confused and rejected because of it.

    I have much sympathy for both parties. It is so difficult to be rejected by the one you love. But it can be even harder to be the rejectee. Having to let someone you care about so deeply is a very difficult thing to do. From experience, I know that to be so.
    adieuamanton December 01, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI personally think that the overall theme of this song is miscommunication.
    Someone is being a bit two-faced, and says one thing one day but then the next says something and the other person has no idea what the relationship is about and so what they're saying is your actions are what is going to show me where your heart really is. And because of this lying or whatever it is, this double-conveyance, this person says they're "heart's not in it". This person is in love with the other but the other is not telling them properly, what their feelings are:

    And impossible to really read
    When your talking with
    Two tongues in your mouth
    And I wish you'd quit this muttering
    Beneath your breath
    It's killing me
    You've not said nothing yet

    Then the other starts to become involved in the relationship and wants to dig deeper but they're still sending mixed messages.
    Oh there's a lot to say but I think I've covered most.
    impossibiliteson August 01, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis is my favourite song on the Swell Season record and I can't find a single instance of them performing it live, which makes me think it must be pretty personal, which would make sense from the lyric.
    themoley91on August 27, 2015   Link

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