I know what it looks like, but the ship's not capsizing. The driver's just drunk or asleep at the wheel. The map is illegible, we spilled beers all over it. We're all piss poor heroes, we're aching to drown in a sea of bad metaphors: trite, overused. Well, I'm sorry I guess talking just makes me confused. Dang dang.

And as a result, conversations don't start, they sputter and stammer. They spiral like shit trying to go down the drain but keeps spinning 'cause forces are making it stay and I don't wanna talk 'cause you don't understand. This wasn't for anyone, I just wanted something that wasn't prepackaged, that wasn't preplanned and now my only plan that is damn sure to happen Is slowly decaying on a shelf filled with millionaires saving the future in a sweet fucking press release, gloating on pedestals. You can't make a change unless you're there bragging, unless you're a dick about something that's pure to you. Something that's pure to you always gets fucked.

"Google my name, 'cause kid, I've got credentials. My pop's a big shit and I can get you free long distance. My co-op is awesome, my fixed gear's ridiculous. Stop smiling, stop frowning, I always thought you'd be different."

And there's been talk of leaving for good, but how and to where and what happens when they show up there with friends? Can you afford to leave again?

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    General CommentHere's what Jeff said: "I wrote a lot of this song, and recorded the demo when we were at the Monster House in Columbus, Ohio and the kids there were pretty nice about me going down into the basement and jammin' for a few hours before the show. I thought I was probably freaking out Lemuria too, 'cause we had just met a few days earlier. All weirdo-ness aside, I like this jam a bit. I also think it's fair to get bummed when stuff that you believe in gets co-opted in weird ways. I literally got an e-mail once that said "google my name, I have credentials." Sure you do."
    VeganSlaughteron October 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe music around 0:47 reminds of I Heart Huckabees
    AllChokedUpon January 31, 2010   Link

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