(Boston live performance intro)

We gotta do it...
We gotta do it...

You cant write poems if your dead, stupid.
So get used to it, or pack your fuckin protest up and move it.
But if you like hanging out were all the food is, your on top of a shit pile kid, and you gotta rule it.
I'd like to welcome y'all back from what ever fuckin b-boy space adventure you've been on, and just acquaint you with where the fuck your at!
This is the United States of America!
Snow White, Cotton fed, built on the backs of mill children and Indian dead.
Massachusetts Lily white flower of the sissified north, where they say (whine)no blood for oil and stop the war!(end whine)
But nobody remembers 1644, when the tall ships departed from Boston harbor and landed on the African shore.
To fill their bellies with gold dust and black slaves, matter of fact, I think this stage is probably built on some unmarked graves.
But now you wanna get squeamish, now your all fuckin vegans.
Wipe your chin sweetheart, your mouth is too full for speaking.

We gotta do it!

Because the truth is, reality is ruthless, and if the other wolves find out we're toothless, they'll use our bones as a mother fuckin toothpick!
You got the biggest dick in the world, you not gonna use it?
For some abstraction of what it means to be human.
How many towers do you got to lose kid..?
Be happy there's no draft and no one asked you to grab a gun yet!
sit back and just relax and watch the flag against the sunset!
Just clap and snap salutes to our troops when you hear a fuckin trumpet!
We'll tell you when its safe to come out and write rap songs about the bloodshed!
you need me fool, how the fuck do you think the food got in the super market?
You unwrap the shit from plastic, after I cure it, kill it, or fuck it!
Its not that your more moral, you moral less don't have to stomach.
but that's alright little brother cause grandpa left me his musket.
And there's a world full of wolves and a pack at the moment whose attitudes could use adjustment.

This is what it is. This is what it always was.
If you didn't want to watch this flick you shouldn't have played the lead cuz.
So if the president cums in your popcorn, take a seat and eat it up.
cause you ain't doing shit, and you sure ain't foolin no one.

We gotta do it...
We're gonna do it...
We already did it...
We had to do it...

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