Flockprinting is an aggressive electrostatic action
Using severe heat to force finely chopped fibers
Onto patterns of fabric
Ultimately resulting in
Soft touch

When they told You that this was Your assignment
You flockprinted straitjackets and suits of armor
So I asked if You wanted to trade jobs
Because damn
Is poetry

And yes, these arms fell backwards
When ya did it
Chest out stretched
Open to the way Your palms up turn me

I knew You�d be good
I just didn�t know how good

Even before we met
When the assignment was to draw words
With their own literal meanings
I would write out each letter of the word LOVE
Using winning halves of wishbones, melted Crayons
And the toe tips of the great dancers who�ve quit dancing
Because I don�t give up on shit like that
I always knew I�d find You

Even before we met
When the assignment was to partner up in ice water, and keep our heads above it
I�d watch boys with girls take the shallow end of the 8th grade
Swapping skin deep aquarium air tubes
Trying to make each others shivers fit
We don�t swim that way
Never gonna


You have been a long time comin�
And the clouds have rolled You in slowly
But I ain�t mad at the upshot sky
It�s my lucky number
It�s the author of release
It taught me monsters are easy to come by
So I went out and found the beast
Before we met
When the assignment was to incomplete myself
With sad songs and recycled insults
When I was spun out eyes bagged teeth fist first in lust and considering Jesus
You were there
You have been the whole journey
And I ain�t got nothin� against goin� home

You, Flockprinter

Ya look good in yer tidal wave
Toe to toe with the mean blue moon
Head raised up like a lighthouse

Buttercups spraying out the mouths of doves
Fireworks stuck in the air
You�re a freestanding landing pad held together by choir claps
You�re a god
Not afraid
To walk with the saviors
Who ride monkeys around on their backs
Kicking up mercury
Spreading upward openly
Carrying breath

You are
An18-stringed guitar heart
Sparkin� off roots
Dancing out of the river�s edge

You walk
Like a free country
With an affinity for thick skin

You live
Humming to the tune of let loose like a railway
Banging through the middle of Novocain
An open winded under water fire escape

You have, now are and always will be
My reflection of individuality
Carried out by the acoustic drift
Of a snowflake�

Living with a fingerprint

And I
Rumble motion jawbone
Waterlogged with ink spots
Smiling ear to ear
Armed with backbone and busted zoo gates
Promising You
From the bottom of my harmonica pocket
You will never have another lonely holiday

Even now
Where the assignment is to live without a destination
I end up with You and the rain, released
Flockprinting stars
Between me and the beast

Lyrics submitted by ProgMetal1985

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