"White Waters" as written by Simone J.m. Simons, Markus H J Mark Jansen, Isaac Delahaye, Simone J.m. Simons, Markus H J Mark Jansen, Isaac Delahaye, Amanda Somerville and Sascha Paeth....
I see a silhouette, liquid that moves
Skin like a pearl in the sea
I cannot resist this, her voice in the wind
But is it my eyes are deceived?
Is it you I see?

Lie down in my arms
Trust what you see
Smooth your brow, you will be with me
To find your relief

Gazing at whitecaps, coming so close
Everything's suddenly clear
Numb with the aching, and still I am waiting
The water is pulling me near
Would you welcome me?

Lie down in my arms
Try not to breathe
Quiet love, you are now with me
You need no words to speak

For my mistakes, I am to blame
Never believed that it was all meant to fall
I'd give my life, to have you near once again
Take me away, would you forgive me?

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"White Waters" as written by Isaac Delahaye Amanda Somerville

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White Waters song meanings
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    General CommentI love this song. I'm surprised no one has add a comment yet, only me.

    I think this song is about a man that is in the beach and sees a siren (trust what you see) and he can't believe it.She wants him (you will be mine)and he wants her too(take me away).And they are finally together.This is my opinion.
    stariuson November 14, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationExpanding on the siren theme, the siren beckons the guy into the waters, but maybe looks like a lost loved one. Since she is promising that he can be with her once again, he goes in. But, obviously this is to his demise. Hence, "For my mistake, I am to blame" (The mistake of being seduced by the siren) and "I give my life to have you near once again" (he died because he thought he would be with her again).

    On another note, if the water is seen as a symbol for suicide, then Simone's part is easily interpreted as the side of him that wants to seek solace in suicide. The last line follows especially, with the same quotes as above. he knows he is to blame for it, but he just wants to give up life so he can die and hopefully be with her in death. If this interpretation is true, or if anyone else sees it as this way, then the last words are- to me - the most haunting "Will you forgive me?". Could be talking to the one he sacrificed himself for.
    wallet06on March 03, 2010   Link
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    General Comment"For my mistakes, I am to blame." When Tony sings that, I melt a little. His voice is so rich and full on that line. Such a beautiful song, and what an amazing combination of powerful singers.

    And I second the comment before, that this song should be longer. LOVE IT.
    arejay4on May 03, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI get the feeling that is about a person that the "I" (I say she to make it easier to write) knew long ago, when they were both children, not older than 5-10. and she starts to think about her again "I see a silhoutte": she dosent longer know what the person will look like, will move etc and she doesnt even know how her voice will sound so she only hear her voice in the wind. but she has doubts, is it really this person she once know very well that she sees? or is it something deceiving her?

    but they knew eatch other very very well, probably even loved eatch other, not like siblings but still. and suddenly everything seems clear to the "I", and the person she had lost seems very close again. "for my mistakes, I am to blame. never believed, it was all, meant to fall": something happened to the other person that the "I" maybe could have stopped but failed to, probably beacuse she was a child too. but they were very close and still the first person miss the other, "lay down in my arms, trust well what you see":
    Trust that is me you see. I'm with you again.
    parasol93on February 20, 2013   Link

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