"I Won't Dance (The Elder's Orient)" as written by and Thomas Gabriel Fischer....
I did taste their only dream
As denial was still unborn
Secrets beyond those dethroned walls
And echoes of a martyr's scream
Deterrent vibrates the allurements face
As my barque drowns toward conquest

Don't quieten the elder's tears
For they've foreseen our past
Covered lies our remembrance
As symbols turn to dust

I won't dance
I won't dance
I won't dance within despair
I won't dance
The elder's orient

Journey into a wicked world
My body beneath the skies
Erotic wishes, my heart has failed
Incalculable is the surface's breath
Paralyzed form - the ring of death
Steps on the stairs to my silent ecstasy

Caress of the mental space
Thrones of fake life
Eternal addiction towards those eyes
(Gods) didn't you believe my earthbound call?
Slipping into the hidden sun
Intoxicated by an endless fall

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"I Won't Dance" as written by Thomas Gabriel Fischer Gabriel Fischer Thomas

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I Won't Dance (The Elder's Orient) song meanings
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    General CommentAn elder race in science fiction, fantasy, or horror fiction is a fictional alien race that preceded humanity. Occasionally they are a more advanced version of humanity instead of aliens (e.g., the Stargate Ancients). Elder races generally have abilities and technologies (or magics, in the case of fantasy) that far surpass that of humanity. In works of science fiction, their technologies are often so advanced as to seem magical or even godlike both to the human protagonists and to the present-day reader.

    In some works, the elder race has long since departed the scene, leaving nothing but artifacts and other evidence of their activities. In others, the elder race remains in existence, but is in decline or has deliberately withdrawn to the periphery in order to avoid interfering with the development of humanity and any other younger races. A few elder races are portrayed as still being very much active in the story-current scene, and members of them may function as advisers or as antagonists.

    Some elder races are portrayed as wise benefactors, bringing culture and knowledge to humanity and other younger races. Other elder races are callous exploiters, and regard younger races as so much raw material to be used and even used up. A few are portrayed ambiguously, with their well-intended actions having unexpected consequences. For instance, a client race may use their new-found technology for self-destruction, or a policy of non-interference may turn out to be a way of abdicating responsibility for using one's power wisely (power corrupts the best of intentions).
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