I'll tell you about these two guys I work with, they are vegans.
They're also hardcore punks, a rare combination.
Although they're far from average, their names are quite run-of-the-mill
They're Aaron and Luke, but they'd prefer their names to be Pro-Animal-Lib and Prejudice-Free.

They're the best of friends but I am sure they're also gay lovers.
If they are I say good for them because they really compliment each other,
Like black and white or yin and yang, Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten,
Soy sauce and tofu, tahini and cauliflower- they're punk rock pals.
Kindred souls who don't eat cows! (or related cow by-products).
The lack of iron in their diet takes away their tan, they always have interesting t-shirt slogans
and I love them. Yes I love them!

I love my vegan punk friends, they're anarchists who like to eat lettuce,
They don't follow any mainstream trends, please dear God
don't offer them McDonalds...
unless you want a kick in the head.
They'll tell you Ronald's the reason Che Guevara's dead.
And even though they're atheists, major corporations can rot in hell.

Luke is a straight-edge punk which means he doesn't do drugs, or smoke or drink or anything fun.
But he's not a Christian (thank God)
so he can have all the sex that he damn wants,
with lots of different people, yeah he's a slut but he has got a "primary partner" too.
That was a quote.
And as for Aaron, well he's the most devoted vegan I've ever seen,
He won't even eat honey, cause the bees make it for their baby bees and not us.
He's really sweet but I just wish he'd wear deodorant sometimes,
But he's too scared because the companies could be lying when they say they don't test on animals.
But that's ok, their intentions are good - they recycle paper to save the wood.

And I love them, yes I love them!
I love my vegan punk friends, they're anarchists who like to eat lettuce.
They don't follow any mainstream trends, whatever you do, don't criticise homeless people to them...
Unless you want to hear a punk rendition of "It's Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Collins.
The punk version doesn't sound very nice. They can't sing but they're trying.
I heard that song when I was 6 and that was quite suffice... But I love them all the same!

Soy chocolate tastes nicer than it sounds. I tried it once, it's weird, I lost 3 pounds.
I love the way the guys make me feel empowered.
You don't call it working, call it selling your hours of life...

I love my vegan punk friends but they quit work today
Because they don't wanna be retail store whores,
Employment doesn't suit the punk rock cause.

Anarchists and lettuce, 2 punks I will miss.

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