down by your side
i watch the dreary light
it illuminates your sleeping skin
i reach my cold arm across the bed
you make no move
you never do
own these dire nights
own their seething lies
own my damage
own my sears
they paint a broke life's
shattered art
and time won't turn
my wretched world
(to stand in your shadow is to be home)

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    General Commentthis is really interesting. i like the ambiguity of it all, like the line break between "you never do" and "own these..." like i'm assuming that he's asserting that the person he's addressing never responds to his touch, but is he saying that the person it's addressed to never "owns" these dire nights etc meaning that they never directly invest in their relationship with the speaker or take any responsibility for the relationship, or is it more of an imperative command to this person, or both? either way, i read this as describing a kind of loveless or non-reciprocal relationship, one that the speaker puts more work into than the other party, possibly one that the speaker feels trapped in. i read the last line as saying that although the relationship isn't fulfilling for the speaker, it's comforting for him and he doesn't want to let it go.
    nedologiston October 29, 2009   Link
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    General Commentgreat song. i think the person the person he's referring to just sees him as a way to pass her time, and based on the line 'own these dire nights', i think their relationship isn't a steady one, and they just meet from time to time and have these 'nights'. the speaker though has real feelings for this person despite her ignorance. even though her attitude towards him remains the same, and even though he must be hurt by her, he continues seeing her and feels whole just being close to her(to be in your shadow is to be home)
    thepriceofmedicationon May 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentJust got the album today. God, what a great song.

    "Own my damage"

    One of my favorite lyrics from Bannon and of all time.
    diggininthinairon October 22, 2009   Link
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    General CommentBannon does a lot of personifying, so like how on No Heroes, the album not the song, he makes a reference to a Queen of pain or something along those lines, he's doing that again here. THe woman likely represents the upper class or the ownership class aka rich fucks who don't give a shit about anyone. I think this keeps in congruity with the rest of the album being about the working class being trampled upon.
    diggininthinairon June 10, 2010   Link

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