kumo no kage no shita  kaze to onaji hayasa de
futari de aruita tsumori de ita no ni
fumishimeru tabi  toki ga zureteyuku
jibun no kage ga ukabi

me wo sorashi iki wo tomete

kage ga nobiteyuku  kizu ga toozakaru
you de ite shidai ni ookikunatteta
se wo muketeita taiyou no mashita e
ikeba subete kakuseru

shinjiteru aeru koto wo
zutto negai tsudzuketeta kedo

yume ga sameru to anata wa inakatta
kurikaeshita kanashimi wa tsunoru
kizu wo kakuseba anata mo kieteyuku
hikari no shita de

toki wa toumei na negai dake wo dakishimete
sora no namida wa todokanai
semete furesasete

yume ga sameru to anata wa inakatta
kurikaeshita kanashimi wa tsunoru
kizu wo kakuseba anata mo kieteyuku
hikari no naka e

ano hi te wo furu anata no yume wo mita
tsukamikaketa sono ude wa ima mo
tooku hateshinai sora e kieteyuku
niji wo nokoshite

anata ga ita ano hi wo
omou tabi ni kurushii

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After Cloudia song meanings
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    Song MeaningMy understanding of Japanese is rather limited, admittedly. However, my understanding of this song goes as follows...

    Listening to this song, I get this feeling the person is singing about someone's they've lost.

    "yume ga sameru to anata wa inakatta" translates to something along the lines of, "Waking from a dream, you weren't there."

    Then, there's this line.
    "kizu wo kakuseba anata mo kieteyuku / hikari no shita de" translates to, "If I hide the scars, you disappear too / Under the light"

    Looking at the title, it says, "After Cloudia". I'm assuming the title is a mispelling of the name Claudia, because in Japanese when foreign words are written phonetically, it doesn't reflect the true spelling of the word in the language it was adopted from.

    Now bringing these vague hints together, here's my theory:

    The title "After Cloudia" is in reference to Claudia, the little girl vampire from Anne Rice's "Interview With the Vampire". For those of you who haven't read the series, Claudia was killed by burning in the sun, because she met a troupe of vampires who thought it blasphemy that a child was converted into a vampire. The song is written with the speaker (probably the vampire Louis) addressing the ghost of Claudia. Hence, the line about her disappearing with his scars in the light.

    Other things to consider, assuming Kamijo wrote the lyrics.

    Kamijo (the lead singer)'s favorite author is listed as Anne Rice at his biography at dead-orchestra.net .

    The name of the perfume Kamijo released for the "Aesthetic Violence" DVD was called Louis -- perhaps in reference to the main character of "Interview With the Vampire" who was in love with Claudia?

    I read somewhere that Kamijo stated in an interview that he models his appearance after the vampire Lestat, another one of Anne Rice's characters, but alas, I cannot find the link of the site where I read this.
    thelivingfreakon February 02, 2010   Link

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