Spend that dough before your bread is stale
Backstabbers who sleep on a bed of nails
Hypocrites talk that junk
Hysterical. blaze that skunk
Emotions. You must be high on wifey.
She ain't given up the goods? Me no likey.
Cut the chit chat. Gossip is a gateway drug.
Late model bored digital thug
Ya heard, he sold his guns to the enemy,
Leader of the free world shot down your cherry tree.
Now everyone's so self conscious.
Fuck trends. Stay sarcastic, pompous.
Grown folks in plastic shoes dance on cue
watch the egos bruise
I'm the ax with songs of experience
that chop through your everyday delerium

I do caffeine,
I got cancer,
I got vaccines,
I know crack fiends,
I got hemorrhoids,
I do steroids,
I got muscles,
don't like ta hustle,
I got the next shit,
I got them classics,
I got exclusives,
so expensive,
you know it's worth it,
your mommy work it,
you got some new tits,
you're looking perfect.

Take your vitamins, minerals, ions, niacin, Nexium, Xanax, Vallium, Ritalin,
random violence,
Two lines of coke
Great recipe, but that's not the antidote.

Then what praytell will break this dizzy spell
Sex sells so get it while it's cheap.

You're buying sweets to keep 'em off the streets,
Saying PSA brush them teeth.

Black Friday get it's while it's hot
From the mega-store to the corner of your block

Black Friday
(cop it when it drops)
off the assembly
(built in sweatshops)

Black Friday, get it while it burns
One-thousand degrees, built over-seas
Panic on the streets of NYC
The USA got ADD

So Just do it
Don't leave home without it
Think different
Less fillin'
(I'm bout it, bout it)
Ain't just a liar,
Also the president
Beware the stampede of white elephants
(attention shoppers)
can of worms half-price
slice of humble pie ain't worth the shelf-life
I'm all in, the sky is fallin'
Bundles with freedom, next to call in
Can you hear me now?
You have just won
Fast life on a sesame bun
DMO's kick artificial flows
Yo what it do? Well, nobody knows.

Today's special:
Terrorist diversion

The future may cause side-effects,
Memory loss, paranoid rejects

I got dizziness, I got nausea, I got grills, I got grills
It needs breath mints, I got refreshments, I got parents who both resent me
I got discharge and my dick's hard, I got blood clots and I can't breath.
I got problems, 99 of them, life's a bitch son, yeah I'm a vicitim.

Now, read the book kid. Watch the movie.
Straight to video.
Recycled material
At the swap meet, blood for oil
And ice conspiracy's new low price.

Brand new getup. Get up off your ass.
Offer valid while supplies last
Super-sized all-wheel drive,
it's alive,
yellow number 5!

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