*ooh* *ooh* *ahh* (yo)

I used to listen to BIG,
used to listen to Pac,
everybody show sides but I didn't get caught,
just know the vision in mind,
if I dig it I'm rockin it,
used to lift it in pockets
and music lift up my thoughts sky high,
Mr. Popular-not,
used to make friends with squares if they sister was hot,
used to piss in a pot,
flush the water and watch the shit coming out of bikes
just a couple of blocks across streets where we used to fly,
now a new generation play the man into plot,
used to talk using numbers on a pager(s) for letters
I guess that you could say that we the ones invented text messaging
heads, less-desperate threads, less expensive,
and they try to turn your dollar into 15 cents again,
used to compesate, try to make sense of it,
now we tough-talk head straight behind the internet

used to fight bare-knuckled after school,
now everybody actin cool, actin a fool,
we used to care, now we just carry what we're used to,
it's rare trying to find that voice that'll move you,
ask me again and I'll tell you the truth,
dude it's cool (it's cool), but it's not what I'm used to
it's cool (it's cool), but it's not what I'm used to,
I remember when that shit was new.

used to see leaders go against the stat quo,
they took care of that with the COINTELPRO,
[?] was dismissed jay used to sell blow,
and [?] played a role in the return of the snow
used to know all the lyrics of the radio tunes,
fuckin rap-attack back when I listened to KUBE,
I was late hearing Common but I listened to Q,
and I can't front it, he killed em on a bitch in View,
when you make it, don't forget it's what they used to,
save it and think shit, whatever come true though
its new though, we outnumbered by the [?],
old soul, new clothes, never had a dope phone,
still don't, everybody gettin fucked;
red white and blue dildo, we spent it you still broke,
I'm chill though, I just wanna make music,
and bring back the feelin that you felt
when you felt someone else stay true to themself
I miss that too, past and present through this hat too,
now everybody run around like "thats cool" and, "thats cool" and,
I'm like "oooh, its cooo"

but it's not what I'm used to
it's cool (it's cool), but it's not what I'm used to
it's cool (it's cool), but it's not what I'm used to
I remember when that shit was new.

(bring it back, sayin
bring it back, sayin
bring it back, that ol' bullshit back)

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