beatin' down billy badasses
cracks in stacks en masses
bitches diggin on my rogue status
shit get drastic put a hit out on them bastards
get shift from terrific to tragic
slow them niggas down like los angeles traffic
my diamonds dancin' like television static
sweet 16's make you re-order your brackets
i'm michael jordon on the first day of practice
y'all ain't got no clue about the dude or none of the phenomenal shit that i'm 'bout to do
you boys fulla' hot air like innertubes

I said i'm here now and you niggas is old news
you'll never get a chance to walk a mile in my shoes
they ice cream ya damn fool
you would think i was a handyman the way i stay with them damn tools
i make it do what it do, talk it up
they lame, you can't eat?
movin through your city at a slow creep
shotcomb with ya main freak
i don't talk i let the chains speak
big money like scrooge duck
with the black on black phantom
got the uz in the cut
and my kick ain't vicious
david beckham bitches
i get money

you niggas bang now well fuck it what set you from?
and if its beef well nigga come and get you some
if its war then say my name like candyman
shoot at your frame turn ya body to candied yams
i'm with ya girlfriend next week i'm with ya sister
you holdin' her picture lookin' like goddamn i miss her
ya we runnin' trains, 'scuse me bitch whats ya name?
think i had a transplant the way i be getting brain
ya stretch the pussy sorta like a limousine
but we don't need the music well fuck it here the champagne
girls say there HIT doin' his damn thing
i think he cute plus i really like his damn chain
and his bracelet the diamons are racist
gotta call my jeweler cuz i think it needs a facelift
so nigga face it ya flow is to basic
my mind is like the mind of the oracle in the matrix
so play neo
i fire at your people
knock on your door put the barrel to your peephole

we ain't hidin
we ain't hidin
we ain't hidin
niggas talk alot of shit but niggas ain't shinin
see its southside and we trippin in them diamonds
nigga you ain't got no fuckin' money stop lyin'
nigga stop lyin'
nigga stop lyin'
niggas got problems then my people start firin'
people start firin'
people start firin'
you ain't got no motherfuckin' money stop lyin'

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