There's a million Jews in New York
And I'm one of them
There's a million stars in the sky
And a million cars on the west side highway

Back at home,I didn't feel this free
Up and down the boulevard I could hear them scream
Hey faggot! How much?
I'm gonna kick your ass motherfucker!
But I held my head up high
Let them suffocate and die
In their ordinary lives

There's two hundred punks in the park
And I'm one of them
There's a place to go
After all these years of feeling alone
Back at home walking down the street
People pull their kids aside
Like I was some kind of disease
But as much as I tried to hide
And plug my ears it hurt inside
It curled up and wounded my pride

There's a million Jews in New York
And I'm one of them
There's a million stars in the sky
And a million cars on the west side highway

As I ride, I can feel the street
Like a river it flows rapidly
Through the city it propels
Me towards a tragic bloody crash oh well
An inch from death seems to be
The only place to find some peace
The only place to ride a bike
Feel alive and find a sense of pride
And dignity

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    General CommentI guess this song is about life for those people who get pushed around a lot and treated differently than other people. The Jews were harrassed with name-calling ("'Hey faggot!'" for example) while punks are almost treated like they're escaped fugitives, when in actuallity they are no different from anyone else. So, in short, this song discusses the mistreatment of people who are deemed "different" than others. In my opinion, that is :)
    PunkNotPopon December 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song makes me think of a young punk kid during the eighties when the punk scene was roaring, coming from a little midwestern town where he was made fun of, and comparing it to New York... the home of the Ramones, Sonic Youth, east coast hardcore, squat houses, etc... and being like, I'm free now.

    I'm not crazy about Billie Joe appropriating the antisemitism that exists in New York, though. He's not Jewish. Neither am I. We shouldn't say we're one of them.

    Billie Joe, next time you're in New York, how about a lyrical change? There's a million cops in New York, and I hate all of them ;) then we can spark up a bowl and muse over good times past.

    Still love ya, BJ. I think you're punk as fuck and PHG is rad.
    Tig45on August 21, 2015   Link

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