you pray with blind fascination
and believe in the priest's incantations
waiting for god's revelation
quietly listening to the sermon
dreading the final destination
we're doomed and there ain't no solution
i have my own explanation
i don't need you to give me the direction
you're trying to impose your views to the whole society
by repeating bullshit written in a book
patriarchism, fake compassion, straight morality
unfortunately i'm not too weak to agree
spreading your vision and teaching the lesson
it's nothing more that a sect for me
religion's a poison, a fucked up illusion
two thousand years they've been spreading the fear

the christian nations were built on a fiction,
a bible-based story of resurrection
indoctrination of the population is the best way to control a civilizaion

every morning of every day, i see you praying and i'd like to say
stop trusting what they claim, don't perpetuate this wicked game
after all you have to know god is just a placebo
you're devoted, so submissive to the oldest trick on earth

you're down on your knees now,
praying among this crowd full of pricks
and you hope to be saved once you're dead
but there's no one up there, hell is on earth,
god is just a statue in your church
naive and credulous, what they sell i fabulous,
they duped you unscrupulous,
but you don't feel ridiculous
one day you'll see the light and it's not a pretty sight,
forget this shit downright, it's time to say bye bye
brainwashing the youth through theological education
learn well your verse to avoid the curse
manipulating the truth to condition the opinions
follow and pray, you're a slave of your faith
it's a long established organisation
I can't disregard all your very dark past
i'll never join your faction of intolerant morons
i'll never die for your religious war

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