"Bully" as written by Adam Wade Gontier, Neil Sanderson, Brad Walst and Barry Stock....
He wakes up haunted
With voices in his head
Nobody knows it
But today he won't go unnoticed
He can't forget
Can't forgive for what they said
He's never been so hurt
But today the screaming is over

Blame the family
Blame the bully
Blame it on me
Maybe he needed to be wanted

Blame the family
Blame the bully
Maybe he needed to be wanted

She takes the long way home
Fighting her emotions
She's a loner
But today she won't go unnoticed
If she can't remember
When she loses her temper
Nobody knows her
But tonight the silence is over

Blame the family
Blame the bully
Blame it on me
Maybe she needed to be wanted

Blame the family
Blame the bully
Blame it on me
Maybe she needed to be wanted

Blame the family
Blame the bully
Blame it on me
Maybe they needed

Blame the family
Blame the bully
Blame it on me
Maybe they needed to be wanted

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"Bully" as written by Barry Stock Adam Gontier

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    My InterpretationNot the most complex song, lots of repetition. Nevertheless, probably the best song on the album, hands down. Almost a shame to tear it apart, but here I go...
    There's really two possible meanings to this song:
    The first Verse basically tells the story of a kid who's haunted by the thoughts of being bullied, and having to face it. As it progresses however it tells how he bascially has decided that he's had enough; it needs to end.
    The Chorus says how when kids snap(when/if they do), whether it be suicide, shootings or whatever, everyone is blamed but the kid themself. Everyone seems to turn a blind eye to the fact that kids are capable of conscience decisions on how to deal with any situation. The bullies blamed for "forcing" the kid into the situation. The family is blamed for not caring enough to take notice about junior's problems.
    "Blame me" basically says how everyone (including the abrituary "me") is blamed, except the kid.
    Second Verse talks about a girl basically in the same possition as the other kid.

    The other meaning takes a completely different look at it.
    At the bottom of the Verses where it says how they've had enough; this could be reffering to the kids stepping up and telling someone. That changes the meaning of the chorus to how blame can finally be placed. Regardless on whether it lies with the bully themself, or their parents, blame can be made, which helps resolve the problem. Only thing that doesn't work about this is the "blame me" line"...
    In theory, because there's 2 characters, both could be right, and shows how the situation plays out with 2 different decisions. Please critisize. It helps develop it.
    You would not beleive how long this took to write on my iPod XD
    slomifieron September 23, 2009   Link
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    General Commentwell since this song just came out today i feel like a loser being the first to try to interpret it but its such a good song that i'll do it anyway. i know im gonna get a lot of shit for this cuz the first people usually do eventually but to me its about how people do shit like take drugs or school shootings or suicide or other shit and people try to blame it on shit like music and how they grew up and all that but they do it just cuz theyve feld unloved and unnoticed for so long they are desperate and just want to get any kind of attention they can get even though it is for the wrong reasons
    BROkENandFALLInGon September 22, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMaybe I should put my earlier reply in a full-blown comment:

    Actually, I think this song is trying more to get inside the head of bullies and explain how they do what they do to get attention. Generally, bullies never feel like anyone pays attention to them (bringing the "blame it on..." lines into play) until they start bullying people. So I think it's more about bullies than it is about being bullied.

    Going into further detail, I would say that the first verse is generally the experience of a boy who wants to be appreciated, but can only remember the bad things that everyone says about him, so he starts bullying people to get attention 'cuz he'd rather have bad attention given to him than none at all.

    The second verse seems like it might be after she already bullied someone; she feels horrible, but she's trying to forget about it.

    The chorus goes through the usual progressions of blame when it comes to bullying. First, people say that the parents obviously did something to the kid to make him or her this way. Then people start thinking that it's just the kid's fault because the bullying keeps happening, regardless of what they try to do. Finally, people realize that nobody paid attention to this kid earlier on in life, and the blame is on them because the bully only needed to feel wanted; now it's too late to change it.

    Wow, that was long. And don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that this is the only possible answer. I'm just stating an educated guess.
    MConroy1990on February 23, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI take this song as a critical eye agasint blame-fests that occur after a tragic event.

    I take the verses about the boy as him being bullied and verbally (and possibly physically) abused at home, so he decides to off himself.
    As for the girl’s verses I’ve taken them as her being lonely and friendless, as the verses say she has a temper, and now she’s had it with what’s happening in her life (or lack there of), and decides to do something to be recognized. Whether it be getting pimped, having sex, and doing hard drugs, to inflicting extensive pain or death onto other, or herself. (I also know there is an interpretation out there saying she was the boy’s bully and she feels so guilty that he killed himself that she does the same).
    And the chorus, as I said is society trying to pin the tragedies on someone or something, when really we should have been there helping the persons from the start. But we only give a shot when something bad happens and/or someone dies.

    Also, I think to add more layers of complexity to this song, they could of also tackled the issue of how appalling and nonchalantly there will be media coverage, showing all this pain and grieving, and not helping in anyway, because one minute they are talking and filming a tragic event, and the next you see a commercial trying to get you to buy something. And no one can tell me there aren’t many good examples of this.

    So that’s what I think about all that.
    TheHumanCondition on October 28, 2017   Link
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    General Comment"When she loses her temper
    Nobody knows her
    But today the silence is over"

    today should be "tonight" in the final line there.
    Synidaeumon September 21, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti agree
    but i have something to add.
    alot of kids who are bullied are bullied for a reason
    say having depression, wearing glasses, having autism basically for being DIFFERENT.
    and alot of the kids who get bullied start listening to the bullys and think of themselves how the bullies think of them.
    they start to believe no one loves them and yeah - they make their own decisions.
    but its not hard to start believing what others say about you -that your unloved and unnoticed and noone cares.
    that comes into it.
    and often its not the persons fault
    but it is the bullys as they have sent this person to such a low that they dont think anything of themselves.
    and i dont care if you disagree.
    but dont argue with me, this is my personal opinon and experience. not yours.
    MaddS2on September 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentA depressed kid who shoots up his/her school is what comes to my mind. I LOVE this song! It has a great sound to it, and I love his voice. :)
    KellyRMon October 06, 2009   Link
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    General Commenthmmmmmm
    not my favorite song in the world
    but you know what, it has a great message and i appreciate it.
    itsrachel91on November 07, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think this is probably about suicide or a school shooting-
    My approach to it is that he's saying that everyone tries to blame everyone for things like this that happen, but really it's no one's fault.. "maybe they needed to be wanted"
    He says "blame it on me" sarcastically, just emphasizing how everyone needs to blame people for things like that.
    LDInferno2307on November 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentProbably about a school shooting following months and months of the shooter being bullied. Excellent song.
    Jaycor711on January 16, 2010   Link

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