Male speaking:
Starlight star bright
First star I see tonight
Wish I may. Wish I might
Have this kiss, a gift, tonight.
Female singing:
I’m just a stick
Lost in a faggot
Popularly your kid
No matter how tragic
And when it’s cold outside
I still wear my sweater
Although I roll the die, my will feels no better
I hardly ever
I’m a thousand dollar bullet
A thousand dollar bullet
I’m a thousand dollar bullet, and I never miss
Male voice:
There is entirely too much prejudice aimed towards the gays
It’s not simply a phase or a choice of taste
It’s the fabulous way they are
Like the way the stars dance through the sky
Or a beautiful day on a magical high
Swelling inside, riding the wave
Yelling with pride, flying through shades of colors so grays
Covered with rays revealing the feelings true lovers display
Shining a beautiful light seen for miles
The thawing beam of a smile is a powerful thing
Causes teens greatest rivals, towers to lean
Like flowers who bring happiness home
Hours can seem like minutes have gone
The cynics who spawn feelings of hatred
Mimic the dawn they started their day with
We must escape it, the prison we’re in
We’re so beautiful naked, all women and men
Who can pretend they don’t recognize beauty?
There’s no need to repent for refusing their duty
You represent what you feel is suiting
Who are you to condemn someone else’s recruiting?
How can their shoe string affect how you walk?
Why aren’t we removing direct bigot talk?
Why do we stalk what we won’t understand?
Lying bodies in chalk, for a biblical plan
Written by a man, scripted to damn
Anything different, a sick little scam
The channel needs to change
The shame is just too painful, watching the same fools ramble and blame
The way infallible god wired someone on choice
Yet scared little boys are just one of the perks, how does that work?
Certainly I’m not alone thinking the tone can be quite piercing?
Searing my ears as fears constantly cripple society
They lied to me
To be finally free we must stop denying the rising sun of a wonderful tomorrow
It’s time to take a big swallow and accept one another as the brothers and sisters we are
Female singing:
I’m a thousand dollar bullet X6
Baby aha ah yeah
I tried to be big, but my legs are plastic
I’d give up my trick, but that’s phony magic
And with my hopeless eyes, I see stormy weather
Although the rope is tied, I’m free on my tether
I’m so whatever
I’m a thousand dollar bullet X6
And I never miss
Male speaking:
Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight
Wish I may, wish I might
Time to flip this script and fight

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