"You Already Know" as written by Christopher Charles Lloyd, David Darnell Brown, Peterson Dennis, Jonathan Williams and Curtis James Jackson....
The moment we forgot we were just good friends I moved my arm her face went red again one more bus home another silent weekend

Said love was painted gold like all things growing old the paint peels and slowly falls you already know (3 x)

Looking out the glass always sit together we both know we could be someone better not with our heads like London weather

Said love was painted gold like all things growing old the paint peels and slowly falls you already know (4 x)

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"You Already Know" as written by Curtis James Jackson Christopher Charles Lloyd

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    General CommentI agree with wiseindiegirl. I've been through it and I know exactly how it is: 'the moment we forgot we were just good friends...' shows the awkwardness of the pair as they are good friends, yet they seem to act romantically together which usually ends in embarassment. 'another silent weekend' shows how there is really nothing else to say, they cannot be together because there love is fading and so they must stay good friends.
    I have a friend like that and this song describes my situation perfectly.
    missinglouiseon August 06, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionI feel like it's about two friends who slept with each other. Then when he goes home, she doesn't call.
    'Another bus ride home silent weekend'
    She said she loves him more then a friend... But she doesn't actually commit. And she knows what she is doing to him (possibly breaking his heart) but she doesn't admit to it
    'Said love was painted gold. Like all things growing old. The paint peels and slowly falls. You already know'

    -I find this song very deep in this way.... I had a friend just like her
    Applepiemonroeon January 17, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about two people staying together even though they know they're love is dying and they aren't meant for each other.
    Sheeton July 09, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti agree Sheet. the start of the song is when they get together. "the paint peels and slowly falls" as time goes on they come to the relisation that their relationship isnt workin n must come to an end.
    "we both know we could be someone better" they know they should separate.
    i think thats its about how some people can love each other but are better off not being together. like best friends or something.
    wiseindiegirlon October 05, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationWhen I listen to this song all I hear is my love story unfolding in such a short and sweet way. I think this song could be interpreted in many ways, but for me, when I hear it I think that it talks about two friends realising that they have much deeper feelings towards each other, and they started making their friendship into something more - "the moment we forgot we were just good friends" - the moment they took their first steps as something more than just good friends.

    Slowly, although the pair still loved each other, it was not as rosy as what they thought it would be - "she said love was painted gold, like all things growing old,
    the paint peels and slowly falls" - I think these lines mean that their relationship wasn't as good as they thought it would be, and that's not down to the fact that they were falling out of love, but down to the fact that their expectations were possibly too high or they missed their friendship where things weren't as complicated.

    The "you already know" line, to me, proves that they're both thinking the same thing - It's a mutual feeling that their relationship isn't how they thought it would be. Perhaps they would rather end it now before they lose everything that they have once had.

    The last stanza on the first verse - "one more bus home, another silent weekend." - one more bus could be referring to walking out from "another" argument, but the "one more bus" could also mean that it was the final straw that has their love story come to an end, which in turn, would result in a "silent weekend". As said before, the adjective "another" might show that the arguments are occurring too often and are turning into a tired routine where they go home separately and don't talk to each other for a couple of days, therefore, making the relationship seem less appealing (maybe the friendship worked better because there wasn't as much drama).

    "looking out the glass, always sit together.
    we both know we could be someone better,
    not with our heads like London weather."

    I think this whole verse basically shows that they are getting into a boring routine by "always" doing the same thing - their spark has gone, although they still care and love each other by "sitting together". Simply staying together (also could be interpreting them "always sit together") because they know that their yet still strong feelings towards each other will get in the way of them going back to being "just good friends". The reference to London weather? Well London weather is either really nice or really bad, which could relate to the ups and downs of their relationship. They would be "better" off separated because then they aren't arguing all the time, and they "both know" this because of the heat between them. The song is weighing up whether they should stay or go their separated ways.

    Overall, I think it's about two friends that are in love and always have been, but the spark is slowly going from their relationship due to petty arguments that occur frequently. In this song they are both agreeing that not everything is as good as it once seemed and could possibly be starting to have the 'break up'. A really touching song of how two lovers look back on their whole history, knowing that they still have feelings for each other but it just doesn't work.
    MetcalfeChelson August 16, 2013   Link

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