(S)torytellin (P)oetry (A)nalysis (R)hyme wrapped up in a spar. I'm in the car, trying to figure out who you are, blinded, getting shot by the star. (S)torytellin (P)oetry (A)nalysis Rhyme, I check his style while he's flowing, seeing "How is his time?" And what place in his race did he take? What face did he make when he crossed the line?

I know Andre's first on that list I had. Aceyalone, the Brewin, and the Gift of Gab come next. Then Grouch. My five top. Done! But I ex'em out cuz I forgot some. Black Thought's one. Grouch is two. Then Lateef. Then Pep love, Casual, Boots, and Kool Kieth. Now I chose seven. Anybody that I missed? Uh....Mos Def and Dead Prez, oh and Twista.
I guess they're just all fresh- man I can't decide! But-
No, Andre's the best and here's why: He sings his verses. He means it when he curses. He makes songs fly and escape from the earth. His dreams deserve perfect dubbin so when he sleeps, we keep the deep hope that he brings to the surface.
That's why it hurts on Aquemeni, tenth track, when he attacks gay women. I feel like a friend smacked me in the eye and started laughing. That's exactly why the KKK's still standing. On Still Standing I only made it through ten minutes when it's Khujo sayin to slay gays. It's a sin. It's the worst obscenity. What the fuck? You avoid offendin the white boys with the buck, but a gay black kid next door is your enemy? You sellout! You're mentally stuck!
But luckily you never know when he'll be up for movement, open the door, and find room for improvement. Next album, second thoughts allowed, one question: I'm payin attention but can I get some change?

Chorus x 2

Just words: adjectives, nouns, and verbs; interjections and brags that get slurred in expression. I heard street jams intersecting with beats. I'm another rap nerd.
Blurred memory- how did I discover that? Dirtily at first. I heard at least a verse of Eazy-E cursing. I never knew of nothin worse then him. Ben had him. Adam brought him bursting in like a porno, sending chills. And then Brenden filled my whole head with de la soul is dead. So I said "Ohh I like that", got into nice rap, and I thought it was cooler then icecaps. Oodles of guys trapped my attention. I loved it. Golden oldie tape overdubbed with Public Enemy tellin us all not to drink. I never wanted to either so I started to think: They might be more in sinc with pink people like me, more likely to link. They might be more like me than goofy rock bands that blink a hundred and eighty two times.
New rhymes: I had to listen even when I didn't like a lot of the songs. Sit up all night locked on
to To hear Grouch's new flow all it took was a click. On the hook was Khujo- now I gotta tell Nic!
Just another set of friends keepin track of the griots. Another white kid lookin up to black heros. Another one just messing with Andrew and Stephen. But damn dude, somehow now it's for real.

Chorus x 2

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