with a Bang! say goodbye to everything
cause complete annihilation is the reason he came
and a Pow! he's whipping everything out, turn your whole fucking world into a mushroom cloud
and a Boom! its your inevitable doom, nobody escapes and every bodies consumed.

Violent J:
welcome to the dark carnivals super show, you're our specially invited guests and I'll tell you what for
cause you're the evilest pedifiles, racists and abusers
all together we got
fifty-thousand of you losers
you're about to witness an incredible sight
no ones ever lives to tell about it
and don't think you might
its about to rain flames
frames and brains to be blown into pieces is the reason you came
racist bigots wife beaters, judges and cowards all crowded together expecting a show and some dollars
but instead the shit you're gonna see
you're fearing in hell
it a concert explosion, seeing feelings you shall

(chorus) (x1)

Shaggy 2 Dope:
in the deserts of Nevada
where nothing else matters, its the perfect place for you and your intestines to splatter
and while bang! pow! boom! steady stop you all out
you're in the hell for the nuclear fall out with the snakes and creepy freak
hoods and creeps and horny freaks
shady ladies evil Ernie's Richie Ricks and Charlie Cheaps
bang pow boom! they say the show is the bomb
I heard its straight up explosives, some even call it napalm
nobody paddles back, it no kinda war
its a one way execution, blow you straight to hell through the floor
what the fuck you think you here for sound the alarm
ladies and gentleman eat shit and die, lets bring em' on

(chorus) (x1)

the earth is sick of demented brains and thoughts, but here they are all together, every one of them caught
this is a Celebration, in fact the carnivals cheering
its not to often bang pow boom! makes an appearance
and the winds in the sky will carry away with the ash
but for now lets enjoy, the big bang blast!

(chorus) (x12)

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    General Commentmaybe you saying its angry filth is because your like that but for anyone who agree with him i refer you to the lyrics from to catch a predator Cause people out there think
    they dont deserve this (HA!)
    Until its your kid an old mans finger-fuckin, titty-suckin, then youll want the knife STUCK IN

    so yea place yourself in the place of the victim of these people and then see if you still think that
    skynrdfanon March 28, 2010   Link
  • 0
    General CommentWARNING: The spelling errors are rife in this transcription
    TheDirgeon October 17, 2009   Link
  • 0
    General Commentthis song tell what happens when the darck carnival was to leanyent where all the stank mother fakos go
    juggalo4lyfeon December 24, 2009   Link
  • 0
    General CommentLOL @ TheDirge :P
    Udahoon March 08, 2010   Link
  • 0
    General CommentUdaho this song the group and all their music is no where near as fucked up as the people who they're singing about
    skynrdfanon March 28, 2010   Link
  • -3
    General CommentWhat is wrong w/ these people?
    This is not music, this is just
    angry filth! The FCC should not
    even let them release CD's...
    Udahoon March 08, 2010   Link

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